Ergonomic Assessment and Training for Remote Workers

Posted on 7 Jul 2021 Last updated on 20 Apr 2022
ergonomic assessment

Since the removal of restrictions, the majority of our members and the wider nonprofit community have been working in some form of flexible and blended manner.  As part of blended work practices, remote working continues for a proportion of time and while these work practices have forever changed the landscape of employment they have not changed the onus on employers to provide an ergonomically safe working environment.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure employees have a safe working environment, whether in the office, at home or a blend of both. Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, employers must evaluate the health and safety of workstations, with particular focus on physical difficulties and eyesight issues in order to ensure compliance.

Brought to you in partnership with Adare Human Resource Management, a preferred service provider of The Wheel, members of The Wheel can now avail of preferential rates in the cost of remote Ergonomic Assessments and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training.

The cost for Ergonomic Assessments and DSE Training, will be provided at a preferential rate per person. (See contact details below)

Assessments and Training will be carried out virtually in line with the COVID-19 restrictions.

What is Involved?

A typical modern workstation comprises of a desktop computer or laptop i.e. Visual Display Unit (VDU) or Display Screen Equipment (DSE), chair, telephone and desk. Under the legislation, it is the employer’s duty to examine and assess the standards of health & safety of an employee’s workstation and take any corrective action necessary. Similarly, a competent person must carry out the ergonomic risk assessment of an employee’s workstation. A person is deemed to be competent if he or she possesses sufficient training, experience and knowledge appropriate to conduct a workstation assessment.

As an employer, you are legally obliged to carry out Ergonomic Assessments of your Employees workspaces & DSE Training. To ensure legislative compliance, we are teaming up with recognised field leaders, Adare Human Resource Management, to provide our Members with Ergonomic Assessments and DSE Training.


Adare Human Resource Management will provide you with online training for all relevant employees to ensure that they understand and manage their workstations correctly and in a responsible manner in line with the legislation and recommendations from the Health & Safety Authority (HSA).

Employees will be taken through a series of exercises to help identify potential risks. 


After the completion of the DSE training, employees will then take part in an online ergonomic risk assessment. 

An individual report will be produced for each employee. The report, which will be sent directly to the employer, will include guidance on corrective actions that should be taken, as provided by Adare Human Resource Management's Senior Health & Safety Consultant. 

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To avail of  preferential rates, please outline that you are a member of The Wheel.