Rethinking Leadership

Posted on
24 Nov 2022
by Harry Kearns, The Wheel

Close your eyes and imagine some familiar leaders. What kind of people do you see? Perhaps they are a certain age, gender, or personality type. Maybe they’re a CEO, a sports figure, a politician or a family member.  

We all have ideas about leadership, but they rarely tell the whole story. Often these ideas are limiting, and this is why it is worth reconsidering what we understand by leadership. When we do, we might realise that we have as much potential to be a leader as anyone else. 

You may not consider yourself a leader, but you have probably developed leadership qualities of which you are unaware. These strengths can be honed and developed. 

You might wonder if you have the right personality. But there are many different styles of leadership, and people of all personality types can become inspiring leaders once they identify their leadership style and play to their unique strengths. 

The best leaders have a diverse range of skills, and they didn’t learn them all at once. Think about leadership development as a journey. We start by learning a few initial skills and then we build on these skills as we continue along our career path. At some point along the road, we discover we have the capacity to lead and inspire others.  

The Leadership Academy focuses on 39 core competencies that could benefit a nonprofit leader. When you join, you can start with the competencies that are most relevant to you and your development. 

On the website, you will be invited to take a self-assessment to measure your strengths and identify areas in need of development. Then, based on your particular needs, the website will provide you with a list of resources that include training opportunities, books & publications, events, access to networks and much more!    

Over time, you can take the self-assessment a second time and focus on developing different competencies. The Leadership Library is always growing and evolving. Whether you are an emerging leader or an experienced one, you can benefit from the resources available.

Create a free account with The Leadership Academy and start your leadership journey today. 

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