What the Manifestos Say - Inform Your Vote

Posted on
4 Feb 2020
by Sarah Monaghan

General Election 2020 provides an opportunity to ensure that the next Government, as voted in on 8 February, will drive a vision for Ireland that is fair and inclusive, working collaboratively with the charities, community and voluntary organisations, and social enterprises in every constituency in Ireland.

With only days to go until General Election 2020 it is important we all begin to make a plan for how and when we will vote on the day. Those who make a plan are much more likely to vote – so whether it’s before work, in between car runs to the kids Gaelic and gymnastics classes, or on route to Saturday brunch – be sure to plan it into your day.

Check out this video from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government for all you need to know about voting on the day.

While the plan for getting to the polling station is up to you, we have taken some time to pull together extracts from the main political party manifestos as they relate to the key issues facing charities, community and voluntary organisations, and social enterprises as identified in our Stronger Communities, Stronger Ireland Manifesto – we hope it is helpful. 

We need to work together to elect a government that:

  1. Recognises and supports the value the sector adds to society
  2. Supports sustainable funding models
  3. Enables responsive services through streamlined compliance systems
  4. Embraces collaborative partnership working.

The summary is not exhaustive, and contains manifesto extracts from the seven main political parties. We have also provided links to the full manifesto for each party should you like to read further.

Parties listed in alphabetical order – simply click to view extracts from their manifestos;

Political parties
Representatives from the main political parties outlined their manifestos at The Wheel's Hustings on 29 January in Dublin.