Five ways to Improve Your Digital Strategy

Posted on
21 Mar 2019
by Jayne Tennyson

Future Waves, digital trends for nonprofits took place last week in Limerick. The event examined how charities can use digital tools to engage with their stakeholders, build relationships with donors and sponsors. Here are of some of the key insights from the event:

1. Stop churning out content

Social media platforms are not a content gap that has to be filled every day. Jean O’Brien (Digital Charity Lab) advocated the value in using social media to tell inspiring stories and post only when you have things to say. Jean stressed the importance of building relationships and trust through engagement on social media. It is easy to get sucked into doing admin for social media and forget to engage your audience.

2.  Say thank you

Jill O’Herlihy (Mental Health Ireland) gave the keynote speech on ‘Giving & Thanking in an Online World’. Jill highlighted the importance of thanking people. It can be slow and time but it is work that has to be done!

3. You don’t need to commit to your digital tools

Suzanne Cole Nowers (Nexus Direct) said that nonprofits must always remember that adoption of digital tools isn’t like a marriage, whatever digital tools you adopt now, you won’t or may not be using them next year. The landscape of digital technology is evolving at a staggering rate. Another development with the increased of online tools is the ability to work from home. Many attendees said that they are being given the option which has many benefits and some saying it can be isolating over time.

4. Consider your audience

When considering your online fundraising platforms choose the platform that has the user experience that matches your audience. Recognising your supporters and harnessing the platform they are already active on.  

5. Stay positive

Digital tools offer a range of opportunity to nonprofits.  Digital transformations will allow nonprofits to focus on the creative and supportive elements of their work. Ruairí McKiernan said, "We have to see people as an investment and keep focusing on the magic of what we do as nonprofits.” Digital tools will improve our work environment and give us more time to invest in other elements of our work.

There is often a fear of the change that technology brings. Whereas digital natives may embrace the change, often leaders do not see the light. A.I., for example, is not something that will take over your organisation and reduce staff, but something that can streamline processes and increase efficiency.  

Technology may change the way we work but ultimately impact of your work and the story you have to tell is more important than the technology you use to share the message. 


Future Waves collage of photos