EU Policy

At The Wheel, we believe it is vital now more than ever to establish a strong culture of European participation in our sector. Brexit, the refugee crisis and a new financial framework for 2021-2027 are just a few pressing matters facing a Union that is changing rapidly. 

Engaging in EU funded projects is a great way for civil society organisations to build their understanding of current EU policy and initiatives that directly impact their beneficiaries. Through active involvement in these projects, organisations and their staff can also help to shape and influence future EU policy by raising awareness of issues that are important to our sector.  

To facilitate building this capacity, our Access Europe programme's website includes a dedicated policy section that highlights key EU policies and related initiatives. Referencing these policies and integrating them into activities and objectives in your EU project proposals will ensure that your proposal has a strong chance of winning funding. You can also explore a selection of short EU policy explainer videos below.  

At The Wheel, we also advocate to European decision-makers on behalf of the sector around key issues that have been identified through our projects as barriers to civil society groups participating fully in European democracy and programmes. Our stance is outlined in our Position Paper on the Community and Voluntary Sector and the Future of Europe.  

EU Policy Explainer Videos

Understanding EU policy can be tough! As part of our EU Engage project, we created these handy explainer videos to breakdown 10 different EU policy areas relevant to Irish civil society organisations. Have a look to see how your organisation can get involved in progressing these policies and initiatives.

Note: once you finish one video, the next video in the playlist will begin automatically. 

Meet Your MEP Interview Series

Irish civil society has a vital role to play in driving a just, inclusive, green and sustainable future for Europe. The Wheel sat down with Irish MEPs to discuss the challenges and opportunities civil society organisations face and how they can effectively engage with the EU. Watch the interviews below:

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