The Wheel's Values

Posted on 18 Jul 2018 Last updated on 3 Dec 2019

The Wheel believes the societal value created by the community, voluntary and charity sector is a unique, precious and transformative contribution that benefits all of society. We believe that a healthy democracy results from a vigorous and positive interplay between representative and participative democratic processes and structures.

These core beliefs are consistent with our vision of a thriving community and voluntary sector at the heart of a fair and just Ireland and these beliefs have shaped our values:

  • We value our membership for their work in creating a fair and just Ireland.
  • We value transparency, accountability and high standards of practice and governance within our membership and the sector because it increases the impact of our work.
  • We value the diversity of the community and voluntary sector and believe it is a strength.
  • We value the community and voluntary approach because it puts people and communities first and is driven by the pursuit of the common good.
  • We value regulation that enhances public trust and is sensitive to the needs of the community, voluntary and charity sector.
  •  We value collaborative working as a way of increasing the value and impact of our work and of strengthening our sector.
  • We value citizens’ active participation in society so they can influence the decisions that affect them.
  • We value people’s freedom to organise, to be heard and to be respected.
  • We value the interdependence of people’s lives and the sense of solidarity that comes from people acting together.
  • We value a society where there is harmony and balance with nature.

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