Training Links Programme 2011 - 2013

Training Links Grant Programme 2011

The following information about the Training Links programme is for general information purposes only. The deadline for applications has already passed.

Training Links is an innovative support service developed by The Wheel to enhance the skills and employability of people working in the community and voluntary sector in Ireland. Training Links offers funding opportunities to groups of organisations that choose to come together and work collaboratively to address their shared training needs as a Training Network.  The current Training Links programme runs from 2011 to 2013. 

Click here for a list of the Training Networks taking part in the 2011 - 2013 Training Links programme.

Objectives of Training Links programme

  • To promote increased participation in training and up-skilling activities in order to build skills, improve adaptability and long-term employability of those currently working and those hoping to work and volunteer in the sector.
  • To promote and support a cohesive and organisational-led approach to training and learning especially within small and medium organisations, enabling increased awareness of and access to training options through the establishment of Training Networks across the sector.
  • To promote and encourage collaboration within and between networks of members so that ideas, initiatives and best practice in training and development can be identified and shared, resulting in cost-effective and/or innovative solutions to joint training needs.
  • To facilitate the provision of quality customised training by supporting the development of new, or innovative, or flexible training methodologies, in order to deliver more relevant, effective, efficient and user-friendly training solutions.

What is a Training Network?...

A Training Network is a group of community and voluntary sector organisations that decide to co-operate as a group in order to undertake training that individual members of the group would be unable to undertake as successfully acting alone.

  • The Training network identifies a Network Coordinator (most likely, but not necessarily, a person associated with the lead/applicant organisation) to co-ordinate network activities and have overall responsibility for the project.
  • The Training Network’s members share in the decision-making, design and implementation of training (i.e. training developed by the network members for the network members). This finds form through the establishment of the Steering Group to oversee the work of the Networking and to guide the work of the Network Coordinator.
  • The member organisations of the Training Network must be stand-alone organisations.  The full network cannot purely be branches of an organisation. A minimum of ten members is required for eligibility. There is no maximum number of organisations that can be members of a Training Network, however, the network must be a manageable size for the Network Coordinator.
  • Training Networks may be from the same town or area (regional); may be involved in similar activities (sectoral); or may all be involved in a specific subject (theme).
  • Training Networks considered for this programme can be existing networks within the community and voluntary sector or new networks developed to take part in this programme.