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Connected Communities series of training webinars

We are very pleased to introduce our Connected Communities series of training webinars. Designed to wrap carefully around your training needs and your busy schedule, the Connected Communities series will provide you with quality training - from practical skills-building to 'big picture' issues - from the comfort of your own desk.

Easy to access and led by The Wheel's team of in-house experts, all Connected Communities webinars are complimentary and exclusive to our members.

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Connected Communities cover everything from, looking at the big questions facing the Community, Voluntary and Charitable sector, to the practical issues like planning your budget... 

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What are the big challenges facing the community & voluntary sector? Register for this webinar to get up to speed on the big issues facing the sector and have your say about how The Wheel is responding to them.
If you missed any of the following webinars and would like to access their slides and recording, please email
This highly accessible webinar will provide you with practical tips and guidance on the whole process of conducting your nonprofits annual audit.
If you missed any of the following webinars and would like to access their slides and recording, please email
How are community and voluntary organisations contributing to making local communities great places to live? What does a Sustainable Community look like, what are we doing already and what can we grow to become more sustainable? Learn more about the tools and supports available to groups to support your work..
New date for this webinar to be announced.
Learn how to write a media savvy press release and get it into the right hands.
If you missed any of the following webinars and would like to access their slides and recording, please email
Your board is your guiding light and the true source of leadership for your organisation. This webinar is designed to equip you with a clear understanding of the key principles of good governance, for board members and staff.
Get to grips with the Governance Code – what it is, how it works and why your organisation should go on the Governance Code journey.
This webinar is suitable for all members of The Wheel who want to get to grips with the regulatory landscape in Ireland. It's also a good refresher on current developments for those more familiar with regulation.
Understand the key principles of risk management for non-profits, and learn how to use an invaluable assessment tool that will help you to manage the risks facing your organisation in these uncertain times.
What's involved in grant application? Register for this webinar to get to grips with writing a winning grant application.
Register now for this free members-only webinar to discover what funders are really thinking and how you can capture their attention and support.
Do you have any burning questions about fundraising in 2017 (and on what you think might be coming next year)? Join this special webinar to get the answers and insights from our expert panel.
In the middle of a crisis for your organisation, communication is your key to finding a way out the other side. The Wheel's webinar series is a unique platform for members of The Wheel to build their skills and knowledge without leaving their desks. Save time and money, as well as experience a quality learning opportunity.



These webinars are free for members to participate in and are just one more example of the benefits of being a member of The Wheel.


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You can get in touch with us directly to know more about Connected Communities or if you have a query by ph: (01) 454 8727 or email Jayne Tennyson:

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