Frequently Asked Questions

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Can The Wheel help me complete the application form?  

The Wheel is available to discuss your application idea. We do not offer support with completing the application form. Please contact Ciara Lowe on to discuss your application idea.  

Can existing Training Networks apply for funding?  

Yes. Applications are welcome from existing networks and from new ones. Previously funded, or previously unsuccessful networks can also apply. 

How much does the Training Network have to contribute to the funding? 

Training Links funds up to 80% of budget costs for funded networks. The networks must provide the other 20% in matched funding. For example, if a Training Network determined their total costs would be €50,000; then the Training Network must contribute €10,000 and they would apply for a grant of €40,000. 

Are there any restrictions on the type of training that can be supported by The Wheel? 

All types of training and development that meet the programme objectives, priority areas and cross-cutting challenges, are eligible for support. The only restriction applies to training that is required by law. This should be carried out by all organisations whether or not they access training grants.  

Who chooses the types of training and who provides that training?  

The organisations in the Training Network decide all aspects of the training. The Wheel makes no restrictions on who provides the training or what type of courses the Network delivers.  

Do all proposals have to be from groups in the same area of work?  

No, proposals can come from any group of organisations with a shared training need. Networks can be a group of organisations in the same town or a group of organisations that have a common goal. Equally, organisations that share a common way of work can find this a useful source of upskilling supports.  

Where did the priority areas for training come from?  

Training Links is funded from the National Training Fund (NTF) through the Department of Further & Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. The National Skills Council, an advisory group to this department, sets national priorities for skills needed across all sectors of the economy.  

In its summer statement 2020, and in light of the COVID-19 crisis, the National Skills Council established priority themes to guide expenditure of NTF funding. For this round of Training Links funding, the priority areas are as identified in Section 3 of the programme overview document. 

How is a Training Network structured? 

Each network consists of 10 or more member organisations. These members create a plan together to address their training and support needs. The Training Network identifies a Network Coordinator to have overall responsibility for the project. They will usually be part of the lead organisation.   

The lead organisation is the main applicant for the Training Links funding.  It will have overall responsibility for meeting the Training Links network objectives, coordination of network activities for the member organisations listed in the application document, monitoring of progress and targets, and evaluation of all training delivered.  It also holds accountability for all funding received and all associated reporting to The Wheel. 

Who makes the decisions in the Training Network? 

The Training Network’s member organisations share in the decision-making, design and implementation of training. This is facilitated through the establishment of the Network Committee to oversee the work of the Network and to guide and support the work of the Network Coordinator. 

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