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Over 80 participants from many community and voluntary organisations have attended the Investment in Excellence programme including: Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, Active Retirement Ireland, Barnardos, Brothers of Charity Services, Childfund Ireland and Darndale Belcamp Village Centre.

Also: Deaf, Debra Ireland, Down Syndrome Ireland, Enable Ireland, Irish Red Cross and Limerick Youth Service, Macra Na Feirme, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland, Order of Malta, Parentline and Peter McVerry Trust, Roscommon Integrated Development Company, Ruhama, Senior Helpline and Simon Communities of Ireland. Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Suas Educational Development Ltd, Teoir, The Irish Heart Foundation, The Mater Foundation, The Wheel, Volunteer Ireland, Walk, and the Youth Advocacy Programme.

Feedback from participants of the Investment in Excellence Programme, as delivered by The Pacific Institute Ireland in conjunction with The Wheel in 2011 and 2012:

“If all members of an organisation completed this programme, it would have unbelievable consequences for the bottom line”. … John, General Manager.

“It has been fantastic and most inspiring - I can never look back – it’s been a privilege attending”. … Siohhan, Project Co-ordinator.

“Its greatest effect has been on my control of forethought, also on how I speak and raise my own beliefs and of people around me”. …Barry, Physical Activity Co-ordinator.

“Since IIE I feel more confident and capable, from both a personal and work related aspect.” … Sean, Promotion Officer.

This programme gave me the tools to use on an on-going basis, to help me in all areas of my life, to achieve inner contentment”. … Patricia, General Manager.

“It has started me on a path of self-improvement, personally and professionally”. … Graham, Regional Manager.

“IIE was very inspiring and offered powerful and real tools for change, I intend to make them part of my habits”. … Catherine, Project Co-ordinator.

“This programme is fantastic, well presented and great fun.  It will allow me to help myself and others”.    … Charlie, Mediator.

“I liked the way the course was delivered and the ‘tool box’. I love the concept that it is more energy-releasing to ‘want to’ rather than ‘having to’.
Linda, Chief Executive Officer.

“I liked the tools for effective goal setting and the concept that leadership starts inside, so look to yourself first. I like the power of positive outcomes-focused thinking and how laders need to promote an optimistic vision of the future.
Austin, Director of Resources.

“I liked the exercises because they challenged and the discussions – good to get the ideas of others and interact with people in similar situations. The focus on “we” was very useful and also unexpected!”    
Sinead, Chief Executive Officer.

“I really loved this course.  I enjoyed coming to the course.  Carol makes you feel at ease but also more importantly that you have the capability to change.  She is non-judgemental and in this course it is necessary as you are coming to it with a different mindset.”
Yvonne, Director of Services.

“I liked the discussions around the video clips [from Lou, the creator of the course] and the way the course is broken into units and the informality of even the formal bits.”    
Tommy, Project manager.

“I liked the reminder of how powerful one is and the fact that we all do have much control over our destiny. I liked the focus of optimism and positivity, the “I can” very uplifting and refreshing.  Change is all so possible and within our grasp. The tools – very practical.”
Niamh, Research and Policy Manager.

“I liked all of the course, the scientific approach, the focus on self-development first and motivation.”
Nicky, Chief Executive Officer.

“I liked Carol’s facilitatory style, expertise, knowledge and expertise, the whole programme actually!, the quality of the materials and Lou’s style of talking and teaching.”
Deirdre, Chief Executive Officer.

“I liked the idea that being positive is a disciplined activity not a wishy-washy thing, Lou on video, the mix of presentation: individual reflection, group discussion and Carol’s positive regard for us.”
Sheila, Consultant

“I liked the fact that while there was so much content that was familiar it was also somehow new.  I felt very comfortable with all of the concepts – even the ones that will challenge my own practice – because I believe that they can work.”
Sarah, Chief Executive Officer.

“I like the empowerment that I have received / realized, the necessity of ambitious and enjoyable goals, the depth of references provided. It has given me a “spring in my step”!
Edmond, Chief Executive Officer.

More feedback from participants at the Investment in Excellence Programme (run externally):

“I like the methodology, very simple techniques which are very practical and have really quick and obvious positive results in both personal and professional life. I got some great insights. I like the presenter and style of presenting.”
Barbara, Chief Executive Officer.

“I liked the dynamic in the group – safe, comfortable, engaging – the leadership and facilitation of the group created this dynamic. I never had a sense of being put under pressure to share, divulge, “open up” inappropriately which sometimes can be a factor of this sort of training.  However the space and opportunity to reflect on oneself was significant and led to a lot of learning. The content was relevant and related to personal and professional life.”    
John, Finance Manager.

“I liked the enthusiasm of the presenter and the belief that this works.  It is very contagious.  I liked the fact that I am going away with a ‘tool kit’.  The DVD will be useful to bring me back into the space again.  I can see already the effect of the “want to…”.”
Paula, Regional manager.

“I liked knowledge that you can change – you can choose to do things differently and to achieve the vision that you want. If you see the vision of what you want to do, the process will fall into place to make that vision a reality.”
Patricia, Executive Director.

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