Investment in Excellence Leadership Programme Structure

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I really loved this course.  I enjoyed coming to the course.  Carol makes you feel at ease but also more importantly that you have the capability to change.  She is non-judgemental and in this course it is necessary as you are coming to it with a different mindset. 
Yvonne Coyne, Director of services, Youth Advocacy service
I liked the tools for effective goal setting and the concept that leadership starts inside, so look to yourself first. I like the power of positive outcomes-focused thinking and how laders need to promote an optimistic vision of the future.
Austin O'Sullivan, Director of Resources, Walk with You

Stage 1:  

Phase I of the IIE programme is facilitated over a period of
2.5 days.
This phase provides the main concepts and tools on how to manage change on a personal, and as a consequence, also on a professional level, set goals in a balanced way, create behavioural and attitudinal change and problem-solve in a creative way.

Stage 2:   

A 3/4-week period between Phase I & II with workbook and audio support material designed to enable participants to begin to apply the concepts and tools to their work and lives as a whole.

This will not demand excessive time commitment and will be undertaken by individuals in their own time.        

Stage 3:     

Phase II of IIE facilitated over 2-days.
This phase reviews progress, addresses difficulties and takes participants into a deeper understanding of the application of these tools and concepts, to their professional and organisational needs.  

Exciting new concepts are also introduced in this phase and bedding down the concepts at a practical organisation-specific way is achieved.

Stage 4: 

Ongoing Audio and Workbook support by individuals in their own time.


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