The CEO2CEO Managers' Forum Series

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The CEO2CEO Managers' Forum Series

The CEO Forum is a series of confidential peer networking meetings open to CEO-level staff in non-profit organisations.

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A Confidential and Private Forum

These bi-monthly breakfast meetings, which are restricted to CEO level staff in nonprofit organisations will:

  1. provide a confidential and private forum for members to speak with each other in an honest and open way so as to offer and gain peer support.
  2. allow members to explore matters of shared interest through this forum so that we can think better through our own respective challenges. Some topics already identified in the consultation phase include:
    • Governance: relationship between CEO and the board of directors.
    • Funding diversification
    • Leadership challenges for leaders in organisations in this very changeable and fluid environment. If we accept that things cannot remain the same in our organisations, what does that mean for us? For how things get done? For deciding what gets done?
    • How to organise and think through the delivery of public services in a more effective way. What is wanted and what role for voluntary organisations? Can we challenge ourselves to think more radically?
    • Strategy: if our work is long term, in terms of mission, but all the things that keep us busy are the day-to-day things, how do we unlock new thinking in our organisations and the sector?
    • Measuring outcomes in our organisations, and in our sector.

There will be no guest speakers at these events; instead, one participant will come prepared to be a ‘conversation starter’. They will talk for no longer than 5 minutes about one of the identified themes and this can kick-start a semi-structured conversation in the respective table groups. No slides, no notes, no fuss - just people meeting their peers to network and gain, as well as provide, support.

A note from our sponsors:

We are delighted to establish our partnership with The Wheel. We believe that voluntary organisations and by extension their beneficiaries should feel supported, treated fairly and provided with a high standard of customer service.

Our commitment to the community continues with a long standing reputation for giving back to the communities in which our customers live - support for the charity and social enterprise sectors continues.

Our link to RBS and access to ever improving technology is also matched by our commitment to being local and staying local. This world vision with local knowledge matches the mix of international, national and local community spirit that embodies the broader Not for Profit sector.

Ulster Bank considers the Not for Profit sector to be an important part of our business that requires a unique service offering. We have a dedicated Unit to support your unique business requirements.

Tony Keville
Head of Sector & Channel Development
Ulster Bank

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These meetings will be restricted to the most senior manager in member organisations of The Wheel (no one else will be in the room). ‘Chatham House’ rules about confidentiality will apply and numbers will be restricted to 30 each time so it’s a case of first-come-first-served and you need to register as soon as possible.

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