Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities for Members of The Wheel 2021


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Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities for Members of The Wheel 2021

Charity CEOs are under constant pressure in a difficult environment to optimise the potential of their organisation. Critical to succeeding in this will be the performance of the senior team, both individually and as team members. The CEO’s own leadership is central to the process.

The growing complexity of organisations is increasing the pressures on executive managers leading to mounting stress. Work load mounts up; it is difficult to set priorities and to focus on them. Mentoring and coaching are two strategies that assist executives to take control of their work life and to fulfil their own and their organisation’s potential.  

Benefits of Mentoring

In mentoring, the mentor and the CEO or senior executive (the mentee) have the sole aim of closing the gap between potential and performance through improved knowledge and thinking. It is a process of accompaniment which enables the mentee to have someone with whom to share their concerns in confidence, and who is outside the team or organisation. It is often used when the client is in transition, e.g. taking on a new post or following a promotion to a senior level.  

The mentor is a person of significant experience who can assist the mentee through informed questioning, sharing personal experience and insights as appropriate, but always in a manner that is empowering. The mentor uses an “ask, don’t tell” approach. It is not about giving gratuitous advice or recommending courses of action.  

Coaching is carried out over a series of four to six coaching sessions which take place at four week intervals; mentoring is more open-ended.

Deep Expertise

In his twenty years as a CEO Justin Kilcullen always worked with a mentor. This  gave him a space to talk openly and in confidence about challenges, doubts and fears, without exposing these to the leadership team or the organisation. A mentor can challenge thinking in a safe environment, opening the senior executive’s mind to unseen options and opportunities.   

Over the past years Justin has been coach or mentor to a number of CEOs and senior managers in the charity and community sectors. He has enjoyed bringing his experience to bear in this new way, enabling him to continue to make a contribution to vital work being done at home and overseas in fighting poverty and injustice. He has witnessed the power of coaching and mentoring, seeing those he has worked with flourish through their new-found insights and solutions. 

How to register

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Trainer: Justin Kilcullen 

Justin Kilcullen

Justin Kilcullen served for twenty years as CEO of Trócaire. He left Trocaire in 2013 and retrained as an Executive and Business Coach. He mentors senior managers in the not –for –profit sector, both in Ireland and internationally and brings a wealth of experience, skill and knowledge to his coaching role. He is Chair of Social Justice Ireland, and a board member of a number of other voluntary organisations. He is Convenor of SAGE - Shankill Action for a Green Earth, an ecumenical community initiative to counter climate change.

Who should attend

This coaching is geared towards anyone seeking an intensive and highly focused nonprofit training experience.