Webinar Series: Managing Remote Teams - 6. People and Culture (8 Dec 2023)


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Webinar Series: Managing Remote Teams - 6. People and Culture (8 Dec 2023)

This is one of a 6-part series of webinars brought to you by Join Dermot Dennehy from Manage Remote Teams UK. Dermot will walk participants through a series of webinar topics over the course of 2023. This course explores the huge advantages of emotionally intelligent leadership, and how managers can radically up their soft skills game.  

With a pandemic-related mental health crisis still unfolding with long term ramifications, this is an essential course. This series will help remote managers develop resilience and mentally healthy practices for themselves and their teams. 

In this one-hour webinar, participants will be introduced to: 

  • Flexitime and it is really working?  

  • Overwork is a real threat and we all know that  right?  

  • Not Respecting downtime has consequences for us all  

  • Positive socialising, done right, it’s what they want. 

If you would like to sign up to the whole series please see this booking page. To book onto individual webinars please see the links below:   

Details of the 6-part series: 

1. Soft Skills (a):​ Fri, 3-Feb-23 (10-11am)

  • Emotional Intelligence and why it’s so important in plain language​
  • Soft skills as a business metric….Really?​
  • Soft skills toolkit.​

2. Soft Skills (b): Fri, 31-Mar-23 (10-11am)

  • Questioning what is normal​
  • Soft skills are your competitive edge​
  • Tales, tips and tactics​.

3. Trust and Productivity:​ Fri,12-May-23 (10-11am)

  • Why open and accessible management makes a difference to hybrid/remote workers.​
  • Autonomy versus absent managers​
  • What does Psychological Safety mean for an organisation?​
  • How do you maintain high levels of productivity and motivation in distributed teams?​
  • Effectively Giving work meaning​.

4. Mental Wellbeing (a): Fri,15-Sep-23 (10-11am)

  • Buzz word or business metric​
  • Making your culture genuinely comfortable enough for employees to be honest about their mental health​
  • Recognising poor mental health and what to do about it. ​

5. Mental Wellbeing (b):​ Fri, 27-Oct-23 (10-11am)

  • Connecting wellbeing and mental health​
  • Fresh thinking about behaviours that influence mental health ​
  • What happens when we think we are superhuman.​

6. People and Culture: Fri, ​8-Dec-23 (10-11am)

  • Flexitime and it is really working?​
  • Overwork is a real threat and we all know that  right?​
  • Not Respecting downtime has consequences for us all​
  • Positive socialising, done right, it’s what they want​.
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Dermot Dennehy has worked remotely and managed remote teams over many years. His company, Manage Remote Teams trains companies and charities across the UK, EU and the US, delivering experience-driven live online courses that are lauded by the clients we work with. Those senior leadership teams recognise that the route to successfully thriving as a full or partially remote business is to upskill their middle managers and employees in the art of operating remotely.


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Who should attend

Any CEO or HR leader who is operating a remote/hybrid organisation or planning to do so.