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Leadership Academy Breakfast Club!

June is our last Breakfast Club before the summer break and will be online. We are delighted to be hosting an event that explores the issue of Mental Health and Leadership.

This month we are looking at the issue of Leadership and Mental Health. An estimated 42% of Irish adults experience a mental health disorder at any time according to 2022 research*. So, for every ten leaders, four of them statistically will be experiencing a mental health issue.

We are all familiar with de-stigmatizing mental health, but what is the next step? How can we go further and ensure that people with mental health challenges don’t just survive, but thrive! From a leadership perspective, we will discuss how we can support Leaders with mental health issues to thrive.

We will discuss issues like why transparency about mental health is important for both employees and employers. How employers can show support to employees that may be experiencing a mental health issue. Ways that leaders with mental health issues can resources themselves to give themselves the best chance of success? Where can employers access resources to help them resource leaders with mental health issues?

This month we have two amazing speakers who are not only leaders in their field, but who have very generously agreed to share their own lived experiences with mental health issues.

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This event is on Zoom. Register using the button in the left screen.



Jeanne McDonagh is the CEO of The Open Doors Initiative, which works with a large number of companies and NGOs to help marginalised people. Previous to this, she was Head of Society and Engagement in Diageo, worked in communications and strategy for Our Lady’s Hospice, was campaign manager for Stephen Donnelly TD in the 2016 election, Communications Co-ordinator for Yes Equality (the Marriage Campaign) and Head of Communications for the Bar Council of Ireland.  She also worked for two years in the US Embassy as a Press Officer.


Niall Breslin believes in the innate human capacity to heal, recover and transform. As a life transformation expert, he has devoted his life to helping people reach their true unlimited potential. Currently undertaking his PhD, Niall holds an MSc in mindfulness based interventions. Niall’s passion and drive for de-stigmatising mental health, particularly amongst young people, propelled him to co-found the award-winning mental health charity “A Lust for Life”. 

Your Facilitator


Sharon Hughes is the Leadership Academy Manager in the Skills Team of The Wheel. Sharon has been involved in membership organisations for over 20 years. Before working for The Leadership Academy, she was C.E.O. of a nonprofit. Sharon is a qualified Coach, is a member of the Teaching Council of Ireland and is currently studying Psychology. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Leadership Academy or you have a great idea you would like to share, please email her at sharon@wheel.ie or feel free to connect with Sharon on LinkedIn.


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Who should attend

This event is for anyone involved with Leadership at any levels. We will approach the issues around emerging leaders from a number of aspects. It will be particularly beneficial for those in Leadership positions, emerging and young Leaders and also those involved in people management in organisations.