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Positive Leadership (Online Workshop)

As we all grapple with uncertainty and rapid change in these unprecedented times, we could do with a pause to reflect on the basics of good leadership which transcend context. Now, more than ever, teams need clarity, cohesion and effective communication.

At the same time, leaders need to be clear where to put their focus, how to marshal their energy and how to channel the stress which uncertainty can bring. Plus, we need to do all this while working remotely or at social distance!

In this engaging online workshop (Positive Leadership: Leadership for Uncertain Times - back to basics), Carol Conway (see bio below) will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to reflect and refocus on what matters, offering tips and tools to enhance motivation, teamwork and stress management.

For this particular event, you can also expect to gain important insights into:

  • How to enhance motivation
  • The paramount importance of focus
  • The impact of stress on performance.


Recognise how our current situation is impacting on Motivation and explore cognitive and emotional strategies to combat this psychological impact.


Explore how the external reality is drawing our focus away from some core requirements for effective leadership.  Consider skills and practices that can assist us to refocus – building calm and clarity in the midst of extended crisis.


Expand our understanding of the human response to stress so that we can harness more of the benefits and minimise the negative consequences.  This is an essential perspective shift at a time of high and sustained stress and anxiety in our homes, community, country and globally!

About Our Positive Leadership Series

Our Positive Leadership days provide space, time and opportunity for essential continuing professional development. The content for each of our Positive Leadership events is drawn from well-researched and applied positive psychology and provides both theory and practical tools for more effective thinking, focus and action leading to more effective leadership.

As with any of the Positive Leadership gatherings, participants can expect to come away refreshed, refocused and re-energised.

How to register

This event will be held on Zoom. Please register below. Meeting details will be sent to you after registration. Please note that this online event will not be recorded.  

Your Facilitator:


Carol Conway is a lifelong Behavioural Scientist with a passionate interest in human dynamics and a fundamental belief in people. Her work revolves around assisting individuals and organisations to achieve more of their potential. through training, facilitation, coaching, leadership development or teaching yoga. Carol’s mission is to share information so that teams can achieve more; personally, professionally and organisationally. She has worked with CEOs, management teams and boards across the nonprofit sector.

Who should attend

This is an essential event for all managers and leaders in the Irish community and voluntary sector.