Creative Thinking for Teams


The Wheel, 48 Fleet Street, Dublin 2
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Creative Thinking for Teams

When we’re brainstorming, we don’t always manage to honour new ideas (no matter how good they are). Shooting down, discomfort and awkwardness are the death of creativity.

Working collaboratively with others requires a set of new tricks.

This workshop will explore why this is difficult for human brains, and also step into the practical steps you can take to foster more group creativity.

The workshop will utilise the core concepts of improv comedy, such as:

  • Listening and observation skills
  • Finding inspiration and starting initiations
  • Consciously not planning (waiting for the moment)
  • Creating characters (where do they come from)
  • Connecting with the group
  • Asking questions for yes answers
  • ‘Yes, And‘ idea building and giving gifts.

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Meet your Facilitator:

Dave Dunn

Dave Dunn is a group facilitator with a range of experience encompassing leadership development, chairing challenging meetings, hosting conferences and seminars, working with youth groups and children, board-level strategic planning and delivering skills training workshops.  Since 2017 Dave has been training in group facilitation skills in Dublin through an introductory course-day (The Core of Facilitation) and an intermediate level evening course (The Craft of Facilitation).

Who should attend

Leaders of teams and groups that need, or want, to find better ways to work collaboratively and cooperatively – particularly for when they are problem-solving and solution hunting.