Webinar on National Pay & Benefits Survey 2019


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Webinar on National Pay & Benefits Survey 2019

The 2019 National Pay and Benefits Survey for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations, the fourth in the series, was commissioned by The Community Foundation for Ireland, in association with The Wheel and Dóchas.

The National Pay and Benefits Survey includes details of 346 organisations and 14,463 employees who are working in a community and voluntary organisation.

This webinar will share some of the key findings and provide a summary of headline data in the report. The webinar will explore:

  • The Importance of the survey for the sector and benefits of engagement
  • An overview of the report structure and guide to interpreting results
  • Some key findings of the report
  • Thanks for engagement with survey – and questions.

To download the full 2019 National Pay and Benefits survey click here.

Meet your Host:

Geraldine Anderson is an experienced researcher in the area of pay and benefits and has been Head of the Ibec Research Unit for over ten years. Her background is in European Studies, with an MA in International Relations, and postgraduate qualifications in Statistics and Japanese Studies. In her work at Ibec, Geraldine has published reports on a wide range of topics, including most recently, the Ibec HR Update Report, an update on Women in Management and a report on pay expectations for companies in 2019.

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