Training Links Programme Objectives

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Training Links Grant Programme 2011

The Training Links programme 2011 – 2013 has the following objectives:

  • To promote increased participation in training and up-skilling activities in order to build skills, improve adaptability and long-term employability of those currently working and those hoping to work and volunteer in the sector.
  • To promote and support a cohesive and organisational-led approach to training and learning especially within small and medium organisations, enabling increased awareness of and access to training options through the establishment of Training Networks across the sector.
  • To promote and encourage collaboration within and between networks of members so that ideas, initiatives and best practice in training and development can be identified and shared, resulting in cost-effective and/or innovative solutions to joint training needs.
  • To facilitate the provision of quality customised training by supporting the development of new, or innovative, or flexible training methodologies, in order to deliver more relevant, effective, efficient and user-friendly training solutions.

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a network led training programme for community, voluntary and charity organisations