Training Links Frequently Asked Questions

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What help is available from The Wheel in completing the application form?

The Wheel is available at any time prior to the deadline for receipt of application forms, to give assistance with any areas of the application form or simply to discuss ideas. Please contact if you need any support in completing your application.

Can existing networks/groups apply to The Wheel for Network funding?

Yes, any organisation/network whose membership comprises community and voluntary sector organisations can apply to The Wheel on behalf of its members.

Are there any restrictions on the type of training that can be supported by The Wheel?

All types of training and development are eligible for support. The only restriction applies to training that is required by law. This should be carried out by all companies whether or not they access training grants.

Is there information available on Training Suppliers?

Resources that may be useful when considering training suppliers for the Training Network’s training programme are available on The Wheel website The information there is the core of the Learningpoint information service which provides detailed information on trainers and training programmes for the community and voluntary sector.

Who chooses the types of training and who provides that training?

As the Training Networks programme is an organisation-led initiative, the organisations in the network decide all aspects of the training. The Wheel makes no restrictions on who provides the training or what type of courses the network delivers.

Do all proposals have to be from groups in the same area of work?

No, proposals can come from any group of organisations with a shared training need. Networks can be a group of organisations in the same town for example, or a group of organisations that have a common goal. Training needs can also apply to any specific group within an organisation e.g. policy officers, youth workers – or to the organisation as a whole.

When will I know whether my project application has been successful?

All lead applicants will be communicated with to inform them of the outcome of their application within 4 weeks of the closing date for completed applications and on or before 5pm on Monday 24 October, 2011.

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