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How do I make a PDF of my Publisher file?

"I've put an application on the internet but it's a publisher file and I'm wondering should I put it up as a pdf as 1. people might not have publisher and 2. they can't change it.
But how do I make a pdf?  Is it worth the hassle?"

Many people will not have Publisher installed.  It is included in many versions of MS Office , but not all.  Also, it is often on a second CD, so often people will say "Publisher, what's Publisher?" and not install it.  Or else they might not look at the CD.  Either way, it would be vastly unwise to assume that your target audience will have this less than ubiquitous piece of software.  However, everyone has Adobe Reader .  It often comes pre-installed on new PCs, and is a free download if necessary.

Partially due to the ready availability of Adobe Reader, PDF has become a de facto standard for distributing documents.  PDFs cannot be changed by the recipient, which means that invoices, order forms etc. remain as designed without fear of anyone editing the wording.  PDFs also have great print support: it is easy to print out a PDF.

Adobe Acrobat is the tool used to create and edit and manipulate your PDFs, but if you just want to create them, you can get free tools online, e.g. Primopdf .  It's not open source, but it is completely free.

Once installed, a PDF printer will appear as a printer option in Publisher (and any other application).  When you choose to print to the pdf printer, you will be asked you where to save it, and hey presto, your PDF is created.

OpenOffice includes the ability to create PDFs as standard.

Sharing contacts in Outlook 2002

"How do I share my contacts with the others in my organisation?  We use Outlook 2002"

In Outlook 2000, sharing contacts (or any other folder) was easy.  You chose a folder, made it shared, defined who had access to it and Outlook took care of the rest.  Since Outlook 2002, however, the situation has changed.  Now, all sharing functionality is dependent upon Microsoft's Exchange Server , which handles the centralising of all email, calendar and contact options for an organisation.  

MS Office and OpenOffice in Harmony

On May 21st, Microsoft announced that it would be adding in support for the Open Document Format in it's next update for Office 2007 (service pack 2).  

So what does this mean for a community and voluntary organisation?  


I want to get media software to do advertising

"I am the manager of two community centres and I want to get media software for my organization to do advertising i.e. flyers etc. I want to know what is the best one to get as I don't have training in this medium and need something which is easy to use."

 You have several choices when considering graphical and/or layout tools for the creation of print media.  The industry standard tools for layout include the venerable Quark Express , which has been the king of desktop publishing for decades, and a relative newcomer to the scene, Adobe's InDesign .  Both of these products are designed for laying out content on a page for print.

The undisputed king of media creation is Adobe's Photoshop, a remarkable tool for the creation of graphics, the manipulation of photographs, and art.  Adobe also do an application called Illustrator, which allows one create graphics which one can resize without loss of quality, unlike photograph-type images.

All of these products are undoubtably the choice for professionals - Adobe have even helpfully bundled all of their products together in their Creative Suite.  However, there are some drawbacks to the power and functionality available through these tools.  For example, Creative Suite retails for approximately $1800, whilst Quark comes in at about 1000 euro.  As you might expect with such powerful professional tools, the learning curve can be quite steep.  There are any number of books available, e.g. the Sams Teach Yourself series (which, of course, you can get from Amazon ) which can help, but learning to use these tools can be daunting.

recommendations for purchasing a Powerpoint Projector

"Hi, can you make any recommendations for purchasing a Powerpoint Projector. I also need to upgrade my laptop so any tips there would also be welcome, especially in terms of compatability between the two, etc. Thanks."

 Purchasing a projector or a computer need not be a headache.  You can see our guide on what to look for in a projector here, and what to look for in a computer here.  Note that as of this writing, Windows XP will only be available for just over a month more.

 The key things will be portability, brightness and reliability. 

As for compatibility between the two, most projectors will be able to take an RGB video input and probably a DVI digital video input as well.  Laptops tend to have an RGB out as standard.  Digital video outputs are less common.  The projector will not care what operating system or application your laptop is running.  You will probably have to tell the laptop to send a video signal to the projector when you want to use it.  On most laptops, this is achieved by pressing a combination os the FN key and F4 (or on some F8).  In others you can right click on the desktop and will be able to specify whether the projector shows the same as the laptop screen or acts as an extension of the desktop, etc.



What is a CRM system?

CRM provides a single, holistic view of the client. 

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management tools have been used in industry for many years.  The private sector has found that this type of software can drive productivity and sales by arming employees with the information they need to operate efficiently and effectively.

Contact Management and Reporting - CRM

"Hi,we are a national organisation with a number of offices throughout the country.We need an online reporting tool, preferably webbased to capture our day to day contacts, activtitis (we deliver training,respite etc) and capable of providing management reports - can you recommend or provide reference to appropiate tools/software that would provide this?"

Although I do not know your current ICT set-up I guess you do not have a central information system or CRM.

How do I make a booklet that prints off pages in correct order on Publisher

"How do I make a booklet that prints off pages in correct order on Publisher?"

Choose File > Page Setup.  At the bottom of the "Layout" tab, there is a button called "change page order".  Clicking on this allows one to choose whether to print

  • one page per sheet, which gives an order 1,2,3,4.  This would be useful for the review process.
  • as book, which gives an order 4,1,2,3.  This is the order necessary for binding.

This is the case for Microsoft Publisher 2002.  It may be slightly different for other versions of publisher.

Cleaning DVDs and DVD drives

"after system restore printer/scanner not working was advised to reinstall with disc,but tried and got error msg..(bad block in drive)looked this up was advised to try again or clean dvd/cd D: drive manually..how..? philips DVDR1660P1..model"

If Windows reports a bad block error then it is having trouble reading from a specific device.  This could mean problems with the DVD drive, or problems with the CD/DVD disc.   

How to set up a simple network

This article aims to remove the mystery from networking Windows based PCs.  

This article aims to remove the mystery from networking Windows based PCs.  

The Scenario

You have two people working in your office, each with a stand alone PC.  You've come into some funding and are hiring two more people and have decided, very sensibly, to create a network for your office.  This is how to do it. 

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