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What to look for in a laptop

"I would like to buy a laptop for home use. What would you consider to be the basic requirements of a good laptop?"
Laptop computers come in a range of sizes, capabilities and pricetags.  As with purchasing a desktop, this array of choice can be pretty daunting.  The single most important question is "what do you want to be able to do with it?"

Do you want to surf the web and access your Gmail account?  Or would you like to create videos and upload them to YouTube?  Will you really be only using it when you bring work home and use Office, or will you be whiling away the hours working your way through the latest high end games?

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{mosimage}Enclude is an independent nonprofit IT consultancy service to the Irish nonprofit sector and an ICTpoint partner. It was established in 2006 and is a charity itself.

I am interested in buying a wireless keyboard and mouse.

" I am interested in buying a wireless keyboard and mouse. What do I need to look for? What is the difference between optical and digital? They seem to vary greatly in price, what is the average price I should pay?"

Optical refers to the type of mouse supplied.  There are two types of mice : ball types and optical mice, which use infared light instead of a ball.  The highest specification mice use laser to track movement. 

A Shared Calendar, Anytime, Anyplace: Google Calendar

Imagine everyone in your organisation being able to see everyone else's diary all the time.

google calendar - shared calendar online

Neat Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt-Tab is the single fastest route to shortcut happiness

For many computer users, control of the computer has the mouse at its core, with the keyboard being relegated to a back seat, only used when typing words.  However, the keyboard can bring perf

Why does Internet Explorer Freeze on me?

"I cannot access the internet using internet explorer. Every time I try it freezes. I am using mozilla firefox at the moment without any problems.

Online Office Suite - Google Docs

Create, connect, share.  All online.

google docs - an online office

Google Docs is a suite of online office applications, hosted by the mighty Google.  It offers charities instant computing accessibility and mobility through the fact that it is free and online.  All you need is an internet connection.  Create, connect, share.  All online. 

How can we give secure remote access to our server for staff that work offsite

"How can we give secure remote access to our server for staff that work offsite?"

Giving staff the ability to work remotely is certainly a goal woth chasing.  There are many methods to allow this, with different features, choice of which is dependent upon each particular case's requirements.

Software for non profit websites

"I’m involved in setting up a small not for profit which has zilch funds. We’re thinking about setting up the web site on word press.

Well be a membership(with different types of members) and interested user organisation issuing ezines, press releases, and mail shots. We also want to have a moderated discussion board, ideally with user registration linked to the membership database. So we want an integrated back end for membership details and front end for communicating. Our key aim is to increase information and awareness on the issue of dual diagnosis- When people have an addiction and a mental health issue. Currently these people can’t get services.

We want to capture user and member details via the website but also allowing manual entry and snail mail as some of the people we will be dealing with are not too IT literate. I’m pretty IT literate from a business perspective and fairly logical, but not techy or website development/hosting orientated so it needs to be easy to use and not too time consuming. I’m told Aweber is pretty good, but it does cost circa €300, doing all the above, including maintaining membership details and being easy to use for the membership side of things. I’m also told moodle which is free is good for discussion boards, even if the design leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve also been told that Joomla does all of the above and is free with many Irish businesses using PHPnuke. I’m just wondering are there any other product specifically aimed at not for profits that would be better and which of the above products would be best to go for in our circumstances."

 The features and functionality described are typical of a forward thinking non profit organisation's wish list when considering a presence on the internet.  It is important to make your organisation visible on the web, and to make it as simple as possible to update the information on the organisation's website.  However, the web provides much more opportunities than simply a passive presentation of information.

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management System in Your Organisation

But CRM is not just software or automation of business processes. It is really a culture - a way of thinking.

There are many Customer Relationship Management systems available.  But CRM is not just software or automation of business processes. It is  really a culture: a way of thinking within an organisation which is focused on the provision of top qualty customer/client service through intelligent communications and a holistic, person-centric view of your clients. 

Choosing and successfully implementing one requires multiple processes:

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