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Broadband Connection Problems

"I have a computer in school connected to broadband (Irish Broadband) via ethernet cable. A strong connection exists but when I try to access a web page I get a message saying internet explorer cannot display the web page. I have checked that IE is checked in settings. Any ideas?"


MS Money on Vista

"I use Microsoft money software to do my accounts for work – a system I inherited rather than chose.  Anyway have been using it since 2003 so all my finance files are stored as .mny files.  I upgraded to MM 2005 two years ago and all data automatically transferred onto the new version.    I then changed my laptop just last month and had to transfer everything over from the old one.    Couldn’t however transfer the money files over for some reason – even had the support engineer try without success.  Transferred the actual software fine but all my information would not transfer with it. "

Troubleshooting Flash on Firefox

{mosimage}"I was having trouble with internet explorer so I started using mozilla firefox. It seems good except that it won't allow adobe flash player to load. I am unable to view anything that requires this plugin. If I revert to internet explorer on the same computer flash player works ok. Do you have any explanation?"

{mosimage}Firefox is an excellent browser, but like any software, things do occasionally go askew.  The problem may be recitifed by simply downloading the latest version of Flash player and installing it.  


If that doesn't work, there is a good article on using and troubleshooting Flash with Firefox in the Firefox support knowledgebase.


This details what to do if Flash is misbehaving.


Project Planning Software

"Is there a software programme which is designed to track progress on  a wide range of actions for a Strategic Plan, and to facillite easy reporting on progress?"

There does not appear to be much software to support the management of strategic plans specifically.  QuickPlanner Plus claims to aid one in the development of a strategic plan, but does not appear to offer any tracking/reporting functions.

You can, however, get a free trial for 5 days.

Project management tools, however, are far more abundant.  Many big commercial CRM tools, e.g. Salesforce or Goldmine, include project management tools, e.g. assignment of tasks to people, assignment of people to projects, timelines, gantt charts etc.  You could also look at Microsoft Project, as a standalone project management solution.

However, there's also lots of good stuff freely available for download from the internet, e.g. 


Both of the above are open source, so completely free alternatives to Microsoft Project.

The http://www.jxproject.com is another promising alternative.  This is not open source, but it displays ads in the top right of its window, so they can give it away for free.

Connecting a new laptop to the internet

"I have a pc with a wired broadband connection. I have just bought a laptop. What do I need to get connected to the internet? "



Connecting a new Windows laptop to an existing internet connection should be easy.  A PC with a wired broadband connection will probably take the form of a network cable coming from the back of the PC and going to a router.  The router then plugs into a phone socket through which the broadband is provided, via a widget supplied by the broadband company.


Word is broken! Help!

"In recent days I can only open Word in safe mode. MSG: Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to close. Option is to start in Safe Mode. I am using Office Professional 2003 Windows XP. I have tried reinstalling and also repairing. All other office products are working. I have sent the query to Microsoft but have not received a reply!"
It is not uncommon for something to upset Word.  The fact that all the other applications in Office work, however, suggests that it is a specifically Word related issue, rather than a Windows issue.   To troubleshoot this type of problem, one must approach it in a systematic manner, employing a process of elimination.

Mini laptop affordable choice for charities

All your computing needs in one small, neat package.
{mosimage}The Asus Eee PC 4G.  Easy to use, easy to learn, excellent internet experience.  This little machine could be the answer to many budget strapped charities' computing needs.

Firstly, size: it has a 7" screen.  It weighs in at one kilogram and sports a keyboard 85% of normal size: more than big enough for comfortable use, even with ham fingers.  It takes a little getting used to, to get over the muscle memory associated with using larger keyboards for years, but it works every bit as well.  This small size and weight makes the Eee extremely portable.  For example, you could couple your Eee with a mobile broadband rig from one of the mobile telephone companies to have the full internet experience on a completely mobile platform.

"what specific ram is suitable for an iqon qompanion laptop?"

"what specific ram is suitable for an iqon qompanion laptop?"

Laptop computers are notoriously difficult to upgrade/replace parts, as they are designed to fit the most stuff into the smallest space, which often results in the use of non-standard and product specific parts.   It also sometimes results in a machine which cannot actually be upgraded.iqon

"Help! My broadband connection is dead!"

"Help! My broadband connection is dead!"

How to troubleshoot a broadband connection.

{mosimage}This applies to a situation where the broadband router is directly connected to the PC.  This does not apply where the router is connected over a local area network (LAN) via a server or other proxy.

Changing Case in Excel

"Any idea how to change a list on an excel spreadsheet that's all in capitals to small letters, so it's not shouting at me?  I'm sure there's a way, but can't figure it out. "
{mosimage}Excel is your friend: there is usually a way!  This works for Office versions circa 2003/XP.

In this case, there are two ways...

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