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Purchasing a scanner

"Hi can you advise me on the purchase of a scanner for the office. The previous one we had was a HP and lasted about 10 years. We would not have occassion to use it everyday but it would have use on a weekly basis. I would grade it as average to low usage."

Hi Sinead

You described your usage as  average to low, with this in mind it would be best to look for a home model as this would suit your needs. There dosn't seem to be a need to spend a lot of money on a scanner for this situation.

Can ICTpoint be our tech support?

"Hi We've recently moved into a new facility and our ict support needs were provided by an independent service provider. This included everything from sourcing and configuring our server to setting up our web mail accounts. I've been happy with the work when we've managed to get our 'IT Guy' onsite but in recent months it has become very difficult to get him to respond. The issue is that as a growing community based youth service our ICT support needs are increasing significantly. It was always envisaged that as part of the service offered we would be provided with a user friendly manual that would make us relatively self sufficient when it came to setting up user profiles etc. on the server but as of yet we have not been able to source that support. At this point I recognise the need to source support elsewhere for our multi-layered ICT needs and my question is can ICTpoint meet these needs and be an effective substitute for face-to-face service provision?"


Do I need a phone line for broadband?

"If I get a wired broadband solution, do I need a telephone line? And can I use it anywhere in the house or am I stuck to one spot?"

 You need a phone line for proper broadband, right enough.  Your computer connects to the broadband line through a router, which can allow you to plug in directly or can (if it is a wireless router) allow you to connect over a wireless network.  In the case of a wireless router, you can use it anywhere in the house.

Have a look at these other broadband-related articles to give a more complete picture.

Mobile Broadband Speeds

"I am just wondering do you  have any thoughts on who might be the best broadband provider.

Encryption Software

"I need some advice regarding encryption software. Staff have been advised to password protect any documents they save to their memory sticks but to ensure total security we would like to install encryption software but I don't know much about it. We would need at least 10 licences but ideally 20 if it was affordable.  Any recommendations?"

Truecrypt is an open source software program easy enough to set up and will create an encrypted volume (folder) where sensitive material can be encrypted and stored. This is encrypted to military standard, and only requires the user to enter a password once per login. The encrypted volume then looks and acts as a drive in "my computer".

Upgrade to Small Business Server 2008?

"What concerns should i have when moving from sbs 2003 to sbs 2008 thanks."
{mosimage}Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 is not officially due for release until November 12th, so we cannot comment directly on it at this time.  However, there are a few things to bear in mind when considering an upgrade from SBS2003.

Accounting Packages for Non-Profits

"Is there a specific accounts package that you think might be most suitable for the community and voluntary sector? Is there a particular package that is widely used in the non-profit sector that is cheap and works well? Or do groups tend to use a wide variety of packages? Obviously I'm sure many groups just keep records on Excel so my question is about those groups that use an actual accounting package maybe with payroll too. Just some general suggestions is all I am looking for!"

Alternatives to Direct Debit

The ability to trade electronically can prove to be a powerful tool in any charity's arsenal

"We offer a direct debit option on our membership form, but don't expect there to be a high turnover.

Donations and payments online

"I want to add a Donate Online facility on our website.

Connecting to a wireless network

{mosimage}In order for a computer to connect to a wireless network, three things must be working.

You need a wireless router, switched on, with the wireless functionality switched on.
You need WIFI on your computer and you need it enabled.
You need to be allowed onto the network.

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