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Clickable email subject lines

"I wish to link subject line at the top of my e-mail to the full text at the bottom of e-mail.  Can you tell me how I do this?"

The Subject Line is Sacrosanct

Firstly, you cannot do anything funny with the subject line on an email.  It has to be plain text, all the way.  It is also the most important place to put your message: often it is the only thing a recipient sees.

Clickable Headlines

However, if you wish to have a headline in the body text which links to a paragraph further down the page, this is achieveable.

Very Simple Document Management

"I am seeking a simple knowledge / document management solution for our charity.  When I say simple I mean very, very simple, just an intranet accessible capability with basic document categorization - think Google documents but using MS Office.  We are looking at SharePoint online (BPOS) which is available quite cheaply but seems more complex than I want."

 There are lots of options available for document management.  You can see a few of them through this article on document management solutions here.


Document Management Systems

"We have a HP laserjet M3035 x5 MFP printer which also has scanning. We've been told that we could purchase scanning software which would enable document management for a once off  €5k or less. ie no annual licence fee This is from the original photocopier supplier who also uses this software for their large business.

It appears ideal for our needs as we're over run with paper. Unfortunately our budget won't run to work flow management, so document storage is what we'll go for. We'll need for various reasons to hold files (letters, invoices etc) for upto 10 years. we have out filing structure worked out.

Some questions:

Are there any cheaper options out there?

Is there a risk that the software becomes obsolete/not supported and we can no longer access the data?

Is there a document storage standard in use that should be complied with?

Any other advice would also be appreciated."

Testing Your Broadband Speed

"How do I check what speed broadband I have?"


There should be something on the bill from a broadband provider which says what service you are paying for.  If you look up that specific service/package on the provider's websiteyou will be able to see the advertised speed, i.e. the maximum speed the line will support.

Actual speed will vary, due to various factors, not least contention, which is other people sharing the line. 

To find what speed you actually get, go here: http://www.irishisptest.com/runmyspeed.php

Fixing Broken Word Documents

This short article offers a catch-all which will fix many a broken Word document.

Word documents get corrupted.  It just happens, and we have to deal with it.  A corrupt document will manifest itself by crashing word as you scroll down through the document when you hit a particular spot.  Or sometimes, you simply cannot open the document at all!


Fortunately, there is a simple remedy which will rescue most dying or dead Word documents (or Excel or Power Point, for that matter).

{mosimage} OpenOffice opens Microsoft Office documents - Word, Excel and Power Point.  It will also save them, although you will have to tell OpenOffice that you want your document saved in Microsoft's format, as it natively uses ODF, or open Document Format.  A simple File>SaveAs will cover that.

So by simply going through the process of opening your broken Word document in OpenOffice and choosing File>SaveAs and saving the file again in the Microsoft format, OpenOffice fixes the glitches.  

OpenOffice may change some of the more complex formatting features used by Word, by the chances are that they were causing the problem in the first place!

 OpenOffice is open source software which is freely available for download at www.openoffice.org .  OpenOffice looks like Office 2000/XP, so if you are familiar with those products you will be able to use OpenOffice.  OpenOffice is in version 3 as of this writing, and is therefore a mature product.  It is created by Sun Microsystems, one of the heavyweights of the technology industry.

Free Software to Capture a Queries Database

"Is there kind of free software to capture a queries database?  We take many queries from members of public via telephone and email. Currently these are recorded manually.  It would be invaluable to have some sort of searchable database which could record such queries."


Accounting Packages for Charities

"We are evaluating accounting software packages at the moment and would appreciate some guidlines particulrly in relation to compliance with new charities bill. What are the best packages? Do you have any comments on a package called Exchequer?"

What packages are charities using?

Many groups seem to be operating on an Excel spreadsheet basis.  Of the ones that have moved on, Sage Line 50 and Tas Books seem to crop up repeatedly as popular.   However, the cost of licencing, supporting and upgrading such proprietary systems can prove significant.   The needs of the average community and voluntary group are not unlike those of small business, so the popularity of Sage and Tas is unsurprising.  Often a charity will have specific reporting requirements to show specific project related funding/expenditure.  Whilst this can certainly be achieved with forethought in the likes of Line 50 through the use of "departments", it is not something which is an obvious design feature.

 One important consideration that is often overlooked is integration.  If your organisation uses any manner of CRM system,then an accounting package that integrates with your CRM is like gold dust, reducing duplication of effort and increasing the richness of reporting available to you. If you do use a CRM, then the first place to look for an accounts package should be the people who support your CRM tool.

Setting up an Intranet 101

"I am trying to find out about the best and most economical way to set up an intranet"

An intranet is simply a private version of the Internet, only accessible to the people within an organisation.

The first question you need to ask yourself when setting up an intranet is "what do I want to do with it?"

Free library management systems

" Are there any good free library managment systems? "

 Rather than simply reproducing something that is done very well elsewhere, please see this comparison of three openSource library management systems.


(thanks to Foundry IT for digging out that link)

From checking the Koho website, they recommend a Linux server to run it on, so that requires investment in same, unless you already have a Linux server.

PHPmyLibrary will run on any operating system but does have its own set of requirements.  PHPMyLibrary runs on webserver software.  As with many open source applications of its type, it requires the following to be set up on your server: Apache web server, PHP, MySQl database. 

However, because all of these technologies are essentially web technologies, you could house your library system in the same place you might house a website, so all you would need to do is contact a hosting company, e.g. hostingireland.ie , hosting365 or blacknight and get them to set up a siutable hosting account for you.  That would mean that you could access your system from anywhere with an internet connection.




How do I stop my PC from crashing?

Nuke it from orbit.  Drastic, but effective.

"What do I do to stop my machine from crashing. It spends some time doing a job then I get a blue screen. How do I solve this?

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