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How to tidy up jagged fonts in Windows XP

some people have really nice crisp looking fonts on their screens, and some people have nasty jagged ones

This is something that has been bugging me for ages: some people have really nice crisp looking fonts on their screens, and some people have nasty jagged ones - certainly if they are looking at ser

I changed broadband provider and now I cannot send email!

"I changed broadband provider and now I cannot send email!"

If you

  • use an email service provided by a broadband company, e.g. eircom,
  • and you use a desktop email client, e.g. Outlook
  • and you change your broadband provider, you will run into trouble sending mail.

You'll probably get an error like this:

95 Ways to Boost Your Excel

{mosimage}We all love Excel, right?  With Photoshop as other the single possible contender, it has to be the greatest piece of software ever written.

But do we use Excel to its best effect?  Are we more efficient through its use?  

Timesheet Xpress for free

With the benefit of the videos, I could now see that the power of this software is in management.

Acksen Ltd are offering their time-sheet tracking sofware package for free to charities, so I decided to have a look and see if it was any good.   Note that neither, ICTpoint nor The

Why Skype Hates Google Maps

Skype is a great way to communicate for free over the internet.  Free, good quality calls, real time video calling and real time chat functions make it a fantastic tool for today's budget strapped charity.

Skype also comes with a neat little plug-in for Firefox, which highlights phone numbers on any web page you are viewing, figures out the country they are in and allows you to launch a call with Skype to that number by clicking on it.

So far so good.

However, as I discovered recently, this plug-in breaks Google Maps.  If you have the plugin installed and try to search, Google Maps hangs, claiming to be "Loading".  Forever.

 So, for me, anyway, there is no contest.  Given a choice, Google Maps wins hands down.  Skype's handy plugin is disabled (Choose Tools>add ins>Skype>disable) and all is well with the world.

Thankyou to http://techtipdaily.com for the solution to that mystery!

What is the most secure way to set-up remote access?

"What is the most secure way to set-up remote access? "

 There are many ways to set up remote access.  Some give access to a server, e.g. Small Business Server and Citrix Access Esentials, whilst some give access to a desktop on a network, e.g. LogmeIn or GoToMyPC.  Other options include using hosted applications, such as Basecamp or Salesforce, which are designed for use over the internet and therefore are naturally remote.

All of these disparate methods can be set up securely, but security does not rely solely on the technology.  After all, it is easier to hack, i.e. trick, people than computers. 

Image sizes and resolutions demystified

All digital images have two sizes. The actual physical size, and the file size.

Clarifying Imagery

 Images, graphics, photos: can send some people into fits of confusion, whilst others beaver away in blissful ignorance, using the wrong images for the wrong job.

All digital images have two sizes. The actual physical size, and the file size.

All images have two sizes: the file size and the actual physical dimensions.

Connecting to sqlExpress over VPN

"We have a server running SBS 2008. 2 satellite services connect to the server via VPN. I recently installed SQL Express on server and can connect to it from any PC within the physical building on the network, however conencting via vpn does not work. I have enabled 'allow remote connections' and allowed access via specified port and allowed sql access via firewall yet still no joy. Any guidance assistance greatly appreciated."


According to my research, the things you need for SQL to work over VPN include:

  • SQL Browser service enabled
  • TCP/IP and named pipes enabled
  • Remote Connections enabled


Opening docx

With Office 2007, Microsoft brought out a new set of file types.  Since then, users of Office 2000, 2003, XP etc have been receiving documents from others using Office 2007, and and have often been bemused at their inability to open these strange files.


Until office 2007, it did not matter what version of Office you were using - they could all open each others files, but docx files presented a problem as there was no backwards compatilbiility.  Microsoft have produced a docx plugin for older versions of Office which will convert them to a more traditional filetype, but some users can run into snags when trying to get and install it, depending on what versions of Windows, Internet Explorer and Office they are running.  It can seem to get very complicated!

 Fortunately, open source software OpenOffice can step in here to come to the rescue.  Now in version 3, OpenOffice can open docx files and save them as your format of choice.

 You can get OpenOffice for free here.


Virtual volunteering

Virtual volunteering at its simplest definition is volunteering over the internet.  It can take many forms and use many tools, so you may wonder how an organisation can make the most of that which virtual volunteers can offer?

Virtual volunteering is - from a management and motivation point of view - little different from traditional volunteering.  The volunteer requires a project which is sufficiently interesting to keep them entertained and motivated.  They require feedback and careful handling by management.  They require an end result which gives them the payoff they need, be it the feel good factor, CV boosting experience or simply fun or satisfaction.

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