AIB EMTS software

There is no special software needed for the administration of money transfers and AIB's internet banking in general. It seems to be web based as is noted on the AIB's website.


Cormac O'Loughlin

Foundry Information Technology Ltd. Highrath, Maddoxtown, Co.Kilkenny. Tel. 00353879333050


Accounting Packages for Non-Profits

"Is there a specific accounts package that you think might be most suitable for the community and voluntary sector? Is there a particular package that is widely used in the non-profit sector that is cheap and works well? Or do groups tend to use a wide variety of packages? Obviously I'm sure many groups just keep records on Excel so my question is about those groups that use an actual accounting package maybe with payroll too. Just some general suggestions is all I am looking for!"

Project Planning Software

"Is there a software programme which is designed to track progress on  a wide range of actions for a Strategic Plan, and to facillite easy reporting on progress?"

There does not appear to be much software to support the management of strategic plans specifically.  QuickPlanner Plus claims to aid one in the development of a strategic plan, but does not appear to offer any tracking/reporting functions.

You can, however, get a free trial for 5 days.

Project management tools, however, are far more abundant.  Many big commercial CRM tools, e.g. Salesforce or Goldmine, include project management tools, e.g. assignment of tasks to people, assignment of people to projects, timelines, gantt charts etc.  You could also look at Microsoft Project, as a standalone project management solution.

However, there's also lots of good stuff freely available for download from the internet, e.g.

Both of the above are open source, so completely free alternatives to Microsoft Project.

The is another promising alternative.  This is not open source, but it displays ads in the top right of its window, so they can give it away for free.

How do I make a PDF of my Publisher file?

"I've put an application on the internet but it's a publisher file and I'm wondering should I put it up as a pdf as 1. people might not have publisher and 2. they can't change it.
But how do I make a pdf?  Is it worth the hassle?"

Many people will not have Publisher installed.  It is included in many versions of MS Office , but not all.  Also, it is often on a second CD, so often people will say "Publisher, what's Publisher?" and not install it.  Or else they might not look at the CD.  Either way, it would be vastly unwise to assume that your target audience will have this less than ubiquitous piece of software.  However, everyone has Adobe Reader .  It often comes pre-installed on new PCs, and is a free download if necessary.

Partially due to the ready availability of Adobe Reader, PDF has become a de facto standard for distributing documents.  PDFs cannot be changed by the recipient, which means that invoices, order forms etc. remain as designed without fear of anyone editing the wording.  PDFs also have great print support: it is easy to print out a PDF.

Adobe Acrobat is the tool used to create and edit and manipulate your PDFs, but if you just want to create them, you can get free tools online, e.g. Primopdf .  It's not open source, but it is completely free.

Once installed, a PDF printer will appear as a printer option in Publisher (and any other application).  When you choose to print to the pdf printer, you will be asked you where to save it, and hey presto, your PDF is created.

OpenOffice includes the ability to create PDFs as standard.

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