Switch on to Reach Out and Switch Over Week (June 25 -1 July)

Do you work with people who have limited mobility, are older, have less education, live in rural areas, are socially disadvantaged or who have small social circles?

The Wheel's Response to Budget 2012

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Bóthar Appoints New Chief Executive

Bóthar, the Limerick-based development charity which sends livestock every year to more than 5,000 families in 35 developing countries, has named second-in-command, David Moloney, as t

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Surge in Number of Women and Young in Cork Shelters

Almost one in five people using Cork Simon Homeless services last year were aged between 18 and 26, while there has also been a surge in the numbers of women staying in the charity’s emergency shel

What Will You Be Doing On Know Your Neighbour Weekend (9-10 July)?

Do you want to build links with other groups and organisations in you area? Are you looking for an opportunity to thank your supporters?

Know Your Neighbour Weekend: 9-10 July 2011

The Wheel is proud to be associated with the sixth national Know your Neighbour Weekend, which takes place over the weekend of 9 to 10 July.

68% Want More Community Interaction through Events, According to Poll

Irish people are calling out for more “Know Your Neighbour” type events according to a recent survey commissioned by Macra na Feirme and ESB Electric Ireland.  The results of the Red C survey

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