Outcomes & Impacts

Knowing and Showing Your Outcomes and Impacts Good Practice Guide

Community, voluntary and charity organisations exist to make a difference in the lives of the people and communities that they serve. Quantifying, measuring, understanding and communicating that difference can, however, pose significant challenges.

Knowing and Showing Your Outcomes and Impacts is the fifth guide in The Wheel's Solid Foundation series of good-practice guides, which reflect The Wheel’s commitment to strengthen the capacity of our members, by providing relevant support and up to date information on the shared issues affecting our sector.

The Wheel developed this new good practice guide to help community and voluntary organisations to cultivate an outcomes-focused and impact-led approach to their work by:

  • Explaining the key concepts and benefits of the outcomes-focused and impact-led approach
  • Introducing sample indicators and impact assessment tools
  • Highlighting a number of relevant case studies
  • Signposting to further information and resources.

Download as a free PDF (1MB)

Measuring Outcomes & Impacts Workshops

There is increasing pressure on community, voluntary and charitable organisations to demonstrate the impact and outcomes of their work. But what exactly are impacts and outcomes and how do you measure them?

The Wheel's Measuring Impacts & Outcomes & Using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) Approach full-day workshop will equip you with the language, concepts and tools necessary to successfully measure the impact and outcomes of your work in a structured and effective way. 

Find upcoming workshops here.