Governance is concerned with the systems by which organisations are run, directed and controlled, it is about developing and implementing the appropriate structures and processes to ensure that an organisation is run effectively.

The following sections will help you to get a better understanding of what 'governance' in the community and voluntary sector means. It will also explain why good governance is essential and how it can be best implemented.

Further Resources

The Wheel has developed an in-depth 64-page publication outlining the various facets of governance. Getting to Grips with Governance is available for purchase in our shop.

Governance Training Workshops

The Wheel provides a number of governance training workshops and opportunities for Irish non-profits, including those new to the topic as well as the more advanced - browse workshops here.

Getting to Grips With Governance Guide

Whatever the governing board of a community / voluntary / charitable organisation is called, it plays a significant part in the success of the organisation.  Membership of boards is not to be taken on without an understanding of what is involved. Order your copy.
Hardcopy currently not available.
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Reducing the Risk Good Practice Guide

Life is risky and community/voluntary/charitable organisations are not immune from risk. Risk can't be avoided, but can be anticipated and therefore planned for. By properly managing risk, the organisation can fulfil its potential and the negative effects of hazards can be reduced. If you've not already done so, now is the time to put in place risk management strategies that suit your organisation's needs.  Order your copy.

Download as a free PDF 

Hardcopy currently not available.


Sustainable Communities: A Governance Resource Book for Small Community and Voluntary Organisations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has partnered with The Wheel to produce the Sustainable Communities  guidebooks series, including one focusing on good governance for community-led groups throughout Ireland.

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Need trusted and professional advice on governance?

Why not speak to The Wheel's Preferred Partner On Governance, RSM Farrell Grant Sparks . Read about the Special Offer open to Members of The Wheel.

Can’t find anyone to go on your board?

Boardmatch Ireland has placed almost 900 business people, sports professionals, academics and public representatives onto Boards of Not for Profits. In 2012 alone, it made over 200 matches and has over 2000 people who actively want to go on your Board.

Get who you want, with the skills you want, at no cost.  Register your Charity for free here.