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Invitation: Better Together Awards & Christmas Celebration for Members of The Wheel, 14 December

We are delighted to invite all our members to attend the 2016 Better Together Awards and Member Christmas celebration on the evening of 14 December 2016 (6pm-8.30pm) at The Royal Hospital in Kilmainham.

Join us as we celebrate the impact community and voluntary organisations and individuals are making in communities across Ireland. The winners of the Better Together Video Impact Story Competition and the Community Hero Award (presented in association with the Volunteer Ireland Awards) will be announced at the event.

You can expect an entertaining evening spent in the company of your peers from the Irish community and voluntary sector, and perhaps a famous face or two! Our guest speaker will be Niall Breslin (Bressie) and this year’s MC is Evanne Ní Chuilinn (RTÉ).

Light refreshments will be served. Dress business casual.

RSVP your place or find out more.

The Governance Code Relaunches with a New Focus and New Website

A revised version of the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations was published in late October following a year-long review  

The Governance Code was developed by a group of organisations representing the community, voluntary and charity sector and was first published in 2012. Since then almost 1,300 organisations have signed up, with 329 listed on the Code’s register as fully compliant and a further 956 registered as ‘on the journey’ to compliance.

The Governance Code Working Group is the result of a collaborative initiative involving a number of leading Irish nonprofits, including The Wheel. Learn more about them here >>
The Code is principles-based and is adopted on a “comply-or-explain” basis. It comprises a set of recommended practices for the boards of community, voluntary and charitable organisations.
In late 2015 the Governance Code Working Group (GCWG) undertook a review of the Code to determine if it can be improved. After a widespread consultation that review is now complete and the revised Code has been published on 
In summary, the Review found that:

  • The Code’s adoption journey requires a determined commitment and ownership by a board and takes a minimum of two years to complete.
  • The majority of adopters interpreted the recommended practices to be rules, with a minority seeing them as principles and practices to help a board set and oversee the achievement of their vision and objectives.
  • Boards should be held to account for the veracity of their comply-or-explain declarations.
  • These declarations should be open to verification and ratings by their stakeholders.
  • Calls for the Code to be turned into mandatory rules should be resisted as that will only reduce governance into box-ticking compliance by board members with little affinity for the rules.
  • Good governance requires a board to consciously align the organisation’s culture and values with its strategy to ensure it achieves its objectives in an ethical manner.
  • The Code’s five principles and their recommended practices have proven to be very workable and as valid today as they were in 2012.

Based on these findings the 2012 Code has now been reissued with its original principles and practices intact. However, changes have been made to the adoption processes but the big evolution is what accompanies the Code and that is the Code Stewardship Guidelines. These Guidelines are designed to empower stakeholders such as members, dependents, donors or funders to hold boards to account.

An Opportunity to Engage with MEPs and Learn about EU Funding

The Wheel invites all members to attend an exciting information event next month to be hosted by Dublin MEP, Nessa Childers and funded by the European Parliament.  

Taking place on Friday 9 December 2016 in the Carmelite Centre, Dublin 2, this short but highly impactful session will not only inform you about European funding opportunities but also give you a chance to consider some crucial questions, including:

  • What European programmes are suited to my organisation? 
  • What is the value in engaging in Europe?
  • How is our sector affected by Brexit? 

An informal and interactive discussion with Nessa Childers MEP on these issues and more will be facilitated. This is your opportunity to highlight your own context and challenges concerning EU funding and policy issues at local or national level. By igniting discussion and providing a platform, The Wheel aims to deepen understanding of the European Union amongst Irish civil society organisations.

Some Background

This year The Wheel, in partnership with the Irish Environmental Network and the European Anti-Poverty Network, is embarking on a new project funded by the Communications Directorate of the European Parliament in Brussels. Intending to provide opportunities for civil society organisations in Ireland to engage with MEPs and European issues, our Civil Society and the European Parliament: Shaping Europe’s Future project will comprise of a series of events running from December 2016 until May 2017. 

The value of our new project will be immeasurably enhanced by your participation in this inaugural event in December. 

Don’t miss out: book your place by this coming Friday, 25 November.

Read The Wheel's Input on New Accounting and Fundraising Standards for Sector

In late October The Wheel held a very important consultation meeting with our members in which we invited their considered feedback and input on how we should respond to the development of formal accountancy regulations and fundraising guidelines by the Charity Regulator.

Following this very successful and informative event, The Wheel has put together a detailed submission which we will now be sharing with the Charity Regulator.  

You can download the submission here >>

Please also feel free to submit your further observations and suggestions to Ivan Cooper:

Nurturing Active Citizenship in Ireland - the Path Forward

In October 2015 The Wheel, supported by the Carnegie UK Trust, published the Citizen's Report. The report emerged from The People’s Conversation which was a year-long series of “citizen conversations”.
Meetings took place in community centres, in the offices of national voluntary organisations, in hotels, arts centres, and in prisons. People taking part responded to the questions, “What is shaping our future?” and “What do citizens expect and what is expected of citizens?”
The report recommended that citizens be resourced and supported and active citizenship be nurtured through civil society and the education system.
A series of common themes and one unifying aspiration emerged: in the coming decades the people themselves must be more involved in shaping Irish society.
The Wheel is now initiating Phase II of this project in a bid to progress some of the issues identified in the report.
At the core of the programme will be a major examination of how an independent community and voluntary sector can realise its role in embodying and nurturing active citizenship.

Over the coming months, we will be working with organisations and individuals in three main areas in a bid to progress the recommendations of the report;

  1. Active citizenship and an independent community and voluntary sector
  2. Citizen participation in the design and delivery of public services
  3. Develop the link between economic and social wellbeing and citizen participation.
Download the report here >>
Download the 2016 Irish Fundraising Performance Report

The 6th annual Fundraising Performance Report has been published by 2into3 and is now available for the Irish nonprofit sector to download. The report provides a detailed overview of a representative sample of organisations and insights into their activities and experiences, especially in relation to fundraising. 

This report estimates the total amount of fundraised income or philanthropy in Ireland in 2014 and takes into account the now established size of the sector in light of the Charities Regulatory Authority’s registered list of charities and the Benefacts database, which has adapted the John Hopkins Classification in consultation with national stakeholders. 

This report highlights the critical importance of making improvements to the quality of data in the sector. There is a need for the sector to come together and address this gap in order to develop a knowledge base on which to benchmark and make decisions. 

Key findings and other points emerging from the Report include:

  • The sector increased the amount of income it earned from fundraising by 7% between 2013 and 2014, in spite of several high-profile scandals affecting the sector.
  • Ireland’s per capita giving is €183; half that of the U.K. and four times less than the U.S.
  • Ireland’s tax incentive to give is at odds with practically all developed economies.
  • State funding accounted for 43% of total sector income.
Download the report here >>

The Wheel's Regional Programme Appoints First Champions

The Wheel is delighted to announce the roll out of its Regional Programme. Starting on a phased pilot basis, Regional Champions are being recruited in the Northeast, West, Midwest and Southeast to drive the development, presence and participation in The Wheel’s programmes regionally.
Johnny Sheehan, Membership and Regional Coordinator for The Wheel, said, “the programme will provide a regional engagement structure for members of The Wheel and ensure that the shared interests of community and voluntary organisations at a regional level feed into relevant local and national policies.”
Caroline Wilson, who works with Council for the West based in Killala, Co. Mayo, has been appointed Regional Champion for Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon. Members of The Wheel in those counties can contact Caroline by email: and tel: 096 32484.
Marjan Boers (pictured), who works with Claremont Stadium in Navan, Co. Meath, is the new Regional Champion for Meath, Cavan and Louth. Marjan can be contacted by email: and tel: 046 9029693.
If you have any general queries about Regional Programme, contact Johnny Sheehan, Membership and Regional Coordinator:

Charities Institute Ireland Launched

A new organisation resulting from the merger of Fundraising Ireland and ICTR was launched in Dublin on 3 November. The new body, Charities Institute Ireland (CII), has a staff of four and will focus on supporting “the top 500 fundraising charities”, an approach which the organisation claims “will create a positive ripple effect for the entire sector”.

The Wheel welcomes this new initiative as an addition to the existing infrastructure of the community, voluntary and charity sector. We believe the new body will bring added focus to the fundraising practices of large fundraising charities. The Wheel looks forward to collaborating with CII.

The Wheel's Recommendations Included in 2nd Draft of OGP National Action Plan

The Open Government Partnership was launched in 2011 to provide an international platform for domestic reformers committed to making their governments more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens.

Ireland became a full member of OGP in July 2014 committing to governmental transparency and reform Ireland’s first National Action Plan affirmed Ireland’s commitment to governmental transparency and reform. It recognised also the importance of full participation of civil society interests in the process and public meetings were held to discuss proposals for inclusion.

The OGP has now drafted its second National Action Plan following a consultation process to seek proposals for inclusion. As part of that consultation process, The Wheel made a submission based on the conversations we had with people during our People’s Conversation initiative.

The message from this was that we need nothing less than total democratic renewal to create a fully participatory democracy.

In our submission, we recommended that citizens are resourced and supported, and active citizenship nurtured through civil society and the education system and that in the coming decades the people themselves must be more involved in shaping Irish society.

The draft 2nd National Action Plan, including many of The Wheel’s recommendations, is available to read here.

Europe for Citizens - Next Launch Date

The Wheel is the National Contact Point in Ireland for the Europe for Citizens Programme. Organisations that try to increase disadvantaged people's participation in decision-making processes may be interested to know that the Call for Proposals will open in January, seeking innovative advocacy project ideas. 

Civil Society Projects should address the objectives of the programme and the current priorities:  1) 1. Understanding and Debating Euroscepticism; 2. Solidarity in times of crisis; 3. Combatting stigmatisation of "immigrants" and building counter narratives to foster intercultural dialogue; 4. Debate on the future of Europe. For this strand of the programme you must have at least two project partners from other EU member states.

Irish organisations have successfully carried out great projects funded by Europe for Citizens. Watch this video of the Ballymun Job Centre's innovative Civil Society Project involving partners from Romania, Italy and Belgium.

Email to sign up for an application workshop on Tuesday, 24 January.

Christmas Comes Early for Irish Charities with ResourcePoint

As we approach the end of the year and begin to plan for 2017 this is the ideal time to review costs for your nonprofit.  As a member of The Wheel you are entitled to discounted rates on a range of services from telecoms, energy and HR to printing and stationery - all provided through our ResourcePoint group discount service.

There is no commitment with any of the dozen+ special offers listed on our website at present, simply contact any of our ResourcePoint partners and they will show you how you can start saving today. 

We've got big plans for the service over the coming months, with new partners and offers on the way. In the meantime, please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the saving potential this service holds for you and your nonprofit.

Benefacts Providing the Most Comprehensive Database of Irish Nonprofits Available

Valuable data for You
Benefacts has built the Database of Irish Nonprofits by taking data from many public sources, refining it and publishing it online for easy access.  With financial, governance and regulatory information on almost 20,000 Irish nonprofits, this is a hugely valuable resource for you and your nonprofit organisation.

A bigger, bolder database
Recently, Benefacts has added new organisations to the database. Alongside community and voluntary organisations, charities, sports bodies, religious organisations and schools, they have added Trade Unions, Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies.

Benefacts Open Datasets
Benefacts has recently launched a new innovation – Benefacts Open Datasets -an initiative which provides free downloadable data files containing information on 20,000 Irish nonprofits (where available) across a number of relevant fields, including registered name, classification, address, regulatory number(s) and the authorities by which the nonprofit is regulated.  These will be available for download from Wednesday, 23 November. Learn more and download the files here >>

Transparency in the Nonprofit Sector
 A topical area, the issue of transparency and reporting for nonprofits has received a lot of attention of late. Benefacts has published a series of blogs looking at the challenges and methods of financial reporting for the nonprofit sector. 

Stay up to date with all the latest from Benefacts via TwitterLinkedin and subscribing to the Benefacts newsletter.

LEADER Cooperation Conference Update

National Rural Network

More than 100 representatives of Local Action Groups (LAGs) and implementing partners gathered in Newry, Co. Down on Tuesday and Wednesday 8/9 November for a joint conference exploring the theme of LEADER Co-operation within the context of their current Rural Development Programmes.
The conference was organised by the National Rural Network, in which The Wheel is a partner and the Rural Network for Northern Ireland.  A national allocation of €10m is ring-fenced for LEADER cooperation projects in the South while £4m has been allocated for Northern Ireland.
Participants established connections and partnerships to develop projects while expanding on potential co-operation ideas. Workshops were set around the themes of Enterprise and Employability, Landscape, Heritage and Natural Resources, Social Inclusion & Services and Rural Tourism.
A full conference report will be available on the both National Support Units’ website in late November: and

National Rural Network Launches New Video

The National Rural Network have produced a new video which outlines their role as a component of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2020. The NRN aims to build and sustain a membership-based network that maximises the beneficial outcomes of the RDP, bringing it into the lives of as many people and rural communities as possible
Check out the video here and keep an eye on the NRN website for more exciting videos in the months ahead.

Léargas Annual Forum Takes Place On 13 December

The annual Léargas Forum takes place in Dublin Castle Conference Centre on Tuesday 13 December from 9.00 am to 3.30pm. Whether you’re a newcomer to European exchange and Erasmus+ or an experienced practitioner, the Forum is a day to share experience and explore possibilities for the future. View the Spark page for more details or download the Draft Agenda.  Maurice Devlin, Jean Monnet Professor and Director of the Centre for Youth Research & Development at Maynooth University, will be the keynote speaker. After his address, four facilitated workshops will take place"

  1. First steps: A Beginner’s Guide to Opportunities with Léargas
  2. Stepping Out: Small-scale Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships
  3. Stepping Up: Maximising Mobility with Erasmus+ KA1
  4. Bring It All Back Home: Analysing the Impact of your Project.

In the afternoon you can hear directly from project practitioners about the roads they’ve taken, by visiting exhibitor stands and tool fair, and listening to inspiring TED-type Talks.

Register now on Eventbrite. Registration closes on Friday 9 December or earlier if all places are filled. 

Highlighting the Sustainable Development Goals 

The Wheel is a member of Coalition 2030, an alliance of civil society organisations committed to working towards upholding Ireland’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at home in Ireland and in over 50 countries by 2030.
The SDGs are a set of 17 goals, targets and indicators that UN member states have agreed in order to frame their agendas and political policies over the next 15 years to tackle poverty and inequality.
The Coalition aims to share learning and best practice on SDG implementation, promote a coherent understanding of the issues that impact on the lives of people in Ireland and throughout the world and work collaboratively with coalition members to build knowledge, skills and capacity.
The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) is also a member of the Coalition. Young people in Ireland have been highlighting the SDGs as part of One World Week from 18 -20 November. They have published an education resource that is available to download here and held a major youth summit with 200 young people on 17 November on the theme of migration and the SDGs.

Understanding the Definition of Nonprofit Lobbying
Register of Lobbying

While many charities have registered their lobbying activities, a number of nonprofit and advocacy groups are still uncertain whether the Regulation of Lobbying Act applies to them.

If you are a representative or advocacy body and have at least one employee, you fall within the scope of the Act.  Any organisation or body that fits within the scope and makes a relevant communication (to a Designated Public Official about a relevant matter) is lobbying and so must register and submit regular returns of lobbying activities.
If you are unsure about your organisation’s requirement to register, you may wish to take the Three Step Test and read the Quick Guide to the Act.
The deadline for submitting returns for the current return period (1 September – 31 December 2016) is 21 January 2017. Note that the enforcement provisions of the Act take effect from 1 January.
For more information, please visit

GLEN Announces Details of Ireland's Inaugural Diversity Champions Conference

GLEN has announced details of Ireland's inaugural Diversity Champions Conference, which will take place at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on Thursday, 30 March 2017.

The conference is the first of its kind, with fresh and innovative approaches to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This one day conference bring international and national LGBT and ally thought leaders to Ireland to share how LGBT inclusion is transforming business and the public sector.

As a nonprofit dedicated to achieving full equality for LGBT people, GLEN is working with employers to create workplaces where LGBT people can bring their whole self to work and businesses and public sector can benefit from being inclusive. In just three and a half years, GLEN has worked with organisations who collectively employ over 110,000 people in Ireland.

Learn more about the conference here >>

Carmichael Centre Public Lecture Series - Reimagining Irish Civic Society
Carmichael Centre

The latest in the Carmichael Centre's Public Lecture series will take place in the Carmichael House on 12 January (7pm -9pm) and will be on the theme of Reimagining Irish Civic Society.

The featured speaker for this lecture is Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri who is the Ameer/ Head-Imam of Al-Mustafa Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre Ireland.

The Shaykh is a gifted and prolific speaker and his lectures are shown globally from many Global satellite channels including ARY QTV. Shaykh Al-Qadri is the Founding Chair of Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council (, an NGO promoting Peace and Integration in Ireland. The Shaykh is also the Founding Member of Irish Council of Imams.

These lectures are free for the public to attend and light refreshments will be served.  Each lecture is limited to 50 attendees and early booking is highly advised.

Book your place here >>

Carmichael Centre Christmas Party in the Grand Social

All are welcome to attend the Carmichael Centre Christmas Get Together, which will take place in the Grand Social in Dublin on the evening of Thursday, 8 December. Full details and tickets available here.

Petition to Protect Irish Soils Needs Your Signature

The Environmental Pillar in coalition with environmental organisations, organic growers, farmers, researchers and people concerned with the future of food production are launching a campaign to petition for a soil directive across Europe.

People4Soil is concerned with the conservation of one of our most valuable non-renewable resources: soil.

What is at stake with our soils?

We all rely on soil to provide healthy food, clean water, support wildlife, store carbon, prevent flooding and ultimately to maintain livelihood across Ireland. Ireland’s soils have come under increasing pressure from land use changes, intensification of agriculture, erosion and overgrazing, disposal of organic wastes to soils, afforestation, industry and urbanisation. Lost soil from these processes cannot be replaced and so must be protected.

Degrading soils will threaten our ability to produce food and soil compaction and erosion reduce the capacity of our soils to hold rainwater leading to flooding. Studies have shown that soil compaction can increase run-off of rainwater from 2% to 60%.

What can we do?

The primary goal of this campaign is to acquire sufficient signatures for the European Citizen’s Initiative. If the European Citizens’ Initiative surpasses 1 million signatures from seven different member states the European Commission will have to prepare and propose a Soil Directive.

This directive would make countries protect soils in the same way that they already protect water, air and nature under previously existing directives.

Please sign the petition here >>

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Jobs / Positions Closing Soon on

Operations Analyst (Alzheimer Society of Ireland)
Closing 25 November

Manager (Irish Seed Savers Association)
Closing 27 November

Service Manager (YAP Ireland)
Closing 27 November

Marketing & Funding Assistant (Internship) (ECO-UNESCO)
Closing 4 December

Business Development Advisor (Dochas)
Closing 4 December

Special Needs Assistant Tutor (NCU Training)
Closing 31 December

Visit now for more opportunities.
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The Arts Council - Young People, Children, and Education Programme Activity Fund
The purpose of the programme activity fund is to assist experienced organisations to provide high-quality artistic programmes for, by or with children and young people that are in line with Arts Council policy and strategic priorities for young people, children and education (YPCE).
Deadline: 1 December 2016
Learn more here >>

PRS for Music Foundation - Beyond Borders
Funding of up to £15,000 is available for projects that include new commissions, recordings and repeat performances of music written in the past five years. This opportunity stimulates collaboration between organisations and bands/ensembles in England, Northern lreland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Deadline: due to open early December.
Learn more here >>

REC-AG REC Action Grant
Call to support capacity building on rights of the child and child protection for professionals in asylum and migration.
Deadline: 13 December 2016.
Learn more here >>

REC-AG REC Action Grant
Call to support integrated and multidisciplinary child-centred approaches to child victims of violence.
Deadline: 13 December 2016.

Learn more here >>

Find more grants and funding opportunities at
Additional Resources

Click here to read the latest issue of the Fundingpoint Newsletter (Free Edition).

Click here to read the latest issue of the Access Europe (EU Funding) Newsletter.
Fundingpoint is The Wheel's online database of funding grants for the Irish community and voluntary sector. Subscribe today from as little as 100 euro per year - click here to learn more now and to sign up for a free trial.
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The Wheel actively engages with the media to promote a better understanding of our members' and the wider sector’s needs and challenges. Here is some of the media coverage that we’ve received in recent weeks (links provided where available).
  • The Sun, 22 October 2016: The Wheel contributed a perspective on charities regulation and transparency in Ireland.
  • Sunday Times, 23 October 2016: Ivan Cooper, The Wheel's Director of Public Policy contributed to an article on financial reporting by Charities.
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The Wheel was founded on the idea that community and voluntary organisations can achieve more collectively. As our membership grows so too does our ability to represent and support the community and voluntary sector. We would like to welcome the following organisations, all of which joined The Wheel in recent weeks:
  • Adventure Outdoor Learning t/a Outdoor Adventure Ireland
  • Cork Dog Action Welfare Group Limited
  • Dublin Deaf Association
  • Grass Seed Foundaton
  • MooreHaven Centre
  • Our Ladys School of Evangelisation
  • Palpung Buddhism Ireland
  • South Presentation Centre Ltd.
  • Street league Clg / Irish Homeless Street leagues
  • The Festival of Curiosity
  • West Wicklow Cancer Support

Total number of Members: 1,304
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