Resolve Login Issues

If you are experiencing problems trying to login to, you may need to give your web browser some help.

NB some people have been experiencing problems accessing the site because of using the address of our old site,  If you have gotten to this site and have in the address bar at the top of the screen, please just type into the address bar and your problems should be solved.

Your web browser will most likely be one of the following: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.  The following instructions vary depending on which browser you have, so determining this is an important first step.

You can find out what browser you are using by clicking here.  Please do take note of which browser you are using - it really helps troubleshooting.

We can proceed to troubleshoot in two ways: clearing cookies, and clearing the cache.


Cookies are small files that contain things like whether or not you have visited a site before.  Cookies are often used to track if someone is logged in to a site.   Important! While deleting the browser cookies may fix the problem, it also removes your saved settings for sites you've previously visited.

The Cache

The cache is a method your web browser uses to work faster.  When you view a web page, your browser downloads the page, images, and supporting files and stores them for later use.  It assumes you'll want to go back to that page later.  So when you look at it again, it will serve up files it has stored whenever possible, so that your page appears more quickly.  However, sometimes a browser can get carried away caching pages and causes problems.

In addition to studying the information on this page, Mac users should also read the following guide to deleting the cache in Safari: click here for instructions (will open in new window).


Let's Ask Google

Google have a very detailed guide on how to clear cache and cookies for each of the major web browsers, so no need to reproduce them here. 

See Google's page on how to clear the cache and cookies for all the major web browsers here.

Alternatively, you can view Google's excellent instructional videos below.

Once your cache & cookies are clear, you should try to log in again.  This resolves most problems.


Watch a video on how to clear your cache in Internet Explorer



Watch a video on how to clear your cache in Firefox