where can I find guidelines on internships? Forexample are charities allowed to provide interns with a housing allowance? thanks


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Interesting question there

Interesting question there Sam. 

I would definitely recommend you go to the 'pro's from Dover' on this one, which happen to be Volunteer Ireland. Although they don't appear to have specific intern advice on the following page, the fact remains that most interns are volunteers and so the series of best practice and general guidance articles you can find via the following link should certainly point you in the right direction:

If you want to delve a litte deeper on the housing allowance issue, I'd recommend you give Volunteer Ireland a bell to discuss.

Also, you can get some more perspective / general guidance by visiting the JobBridge National Internship Scheme website below. You'll see some advice there on managing internships, as well as a handy intern toolkit etc.:

I hope that helps!

Paul Meade
Information Officer, The Wheel

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Thanks Paul, I'll check those

Thanks Paul, I'll check those out - that's really helpful.


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Sorry Paul, but I disagree.

Sorry Paul, but I disagree.  Whilst internships are increasingly unpaid and appear to have become synonymous in some quarters with full-time (or almost full-time) volunteering, this need not necesarily be so.  Indeed, it could be argued that it shouldn't be so!  Interns can be paid and some interns are.  I do recommend going to Volunteer Ireland, but maybe also  Good luck Sam.

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Hi Sandra, I wasn't

Hi Sandra, I wasn't advocating a position that interns should be unpaid - I was just pointing out the reality that most of them are (whether we like it or not).

As the web-editor of the Employer Resources website, I of course wholeheartedly agree with your excellent recommendation that people visit the site to explore the in full - it's got so many excellent resources to pick from - but sadly, so far we're a little light on intern-related guidance. We really must fix that soon!


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Hi Paul Thanks.  You and Sam

Hi Paul

Thanks.  You and Sam may find this UK resource of interest:

All the best.