What is the right way to appoint the chairman of the Board of Trustees in a Charity organisation. Who decides?


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Hi,  The only way to


The only way to correctly answer this is with the Articles of Association (if the organisation is a company) in front of you. These things are all (usually) laid out there. The norm would be that the Directors of the Board of the organisation would elect a Chair, but there are other models in use whereby the members of the company are also granted that duty. REagrdless of who does it, the Articles of Association is the place ot find such information.

If the organisation is not a Company, but instead a Trust or an Unincorporated Association, it will usually have an equivalent to the Articles of Association which is known as a 'Trust Deed' or a 'Constitution'. Again, who gets to do what in terms of electing whom should be laid out there.

If it is a question at the level of principle for a startup organisation where none of the documents I mention are written yet, the way that most groups choose to use for thingslike this is that the members vote/elect the Board (or committee) and it is the committee which elect/choose the Chair. All the roles on the board/committee should have a life-span and there should be rules about whether people can do more than one term of office. You can find out more about how to run your organisation according to best practice at