We wish to change our accountants as we have found a new accountant who is competitively priced. I wanted to check out the legalities first.  We do not have a written contract with our current accountants. Is it ok to change to a new accountant within the year? Thanks,Helen


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Hi Helen,Thanks for your

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your query.

Legally, organisations are free to change accountants / auditors mid year. It is not a problem. However, good practice would dictate that it must be minuted at a Board meeting that it is being done and it is for a valid reason (and cost is a valid reason).


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Hi Helen, I want to say how

Hi Helen,

I want to say how appropriate Helen Murphy's question and your answer is to me at this time.

Through casual discussion recently, I discovered our auditor has no sympathy what-so-ever for our cause. Since then I have been asking myself, should my organisation  be giving hundreds of hard-gotten EUROS to someone who has no interest in what we are trying to do?

Shouldn't we be employing some auditor who has some sympathy for the environmental, social and economic destruction that is taking place worldwide at the time?

Like Helen, I wish to change accountants also.

Any comments would be most welcome.