We were using Bank of Ireland's Business on Line to collect donations from donors (via Direct Debit system). However, now that SEPA has been introduced, Bank of Ireland can't provide this service and we have been told that we have to use another company (Sentenial) to prepare a file. The file can then be sent to Bank of Ireland to carry out the deductions. Sentenial charge €395 plus VAT to prepare the file. But they don't even write up the account details - our accounts administrator is apparently going to have to data-enter the bank account details for each donor, every month!

Just wondering if anyone else is having similar troubles?


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Hi thereYou are the 2nd

Hi there

You are the 2nd organisation to contact us recently about such issues so we are investigating the topic ourselves in order to point members the right direction.

I've attached a link to Q&A session from a webinar we held in October.

I would also encourage you to contact the Irish Payment Services Organistaion - Mick O'Neill is the SEPA programme manager there and is an expert on the topic - their website is and his email is

I hope this is of use - we will keep members updated with further information on the topic.


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May I ask what database

May I ask what database you're using? It might be an option that the software (or an add-on) can create the SEPA files for you so you don't have to go through a third party.

Alternatively, you might look at storing donor details on an alternative database or with a third party. A bit of a headache but sounds like it might work for you in the long-run.

For future donors you could again use a third party to store/process, which may work out cheaper than additional software or additional staff. Depends on the volume of donors you're looking at.