We have a club and members.We have a voluntary group that attend meetings and organise. We have not yet organised a chair sec,tres etc.

Can we call an AGM or is it something else?

Hilary Gilligan



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Hi Hilary, If your

Hi Hilary,
If your organisation is a company, it is obliged to call an AGM once a year, at which the company accounts must be presented. Otherwise, there's nothing stopping you from holding an AGM if you so choose. Usually things such as the AGM are carried out in accordance with the rules set out in your constitution, if you have one.  If you have not yet got a constitution, it would be a useful tool: you can use it define the roles/dutes of the chair, secretary, treasurer, etc.

You may find our Solid Foundations series of books a useful resource - they cover many of the aspects of running a non profit group. Have a look below and you will be able to browse a sample of each book to see if it's something that would be of use to you.


Solid Foundations

Getting to Grips With Governance

Reducing the Risk

Workplaces that work

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You'll probably find this

You'll probably find this useful too:

It's about the draft Governance Code for Community and Voluntary Organisations in Ireland. The clear implementation actions for your organisation's size should give you a nice roadmap for your governance.