We are a small private organisation which owns and manages nursing homes. We are anxious to set up a charitable foundation to primarily support clinical research initiatives on behalf  of our clients. My question is two  fold -

1. Because we are a private company are there any legal, revenue or other reasons which may prevent us from setting up such a charitable foundation?

2. What type of legal structure would we be best to pursue -we were thinking of a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital??





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Hi Tony,Thanks for your

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your question.

As you are setting up a foundation with charitable purposes that will exist as an independent entity, there should be no overarching or significant problems encountered just because you are a private organisation (obviously the money that potentially flows into both entities will be separate).

However, to find the answers to the nitty gritty of your questions, I would urge you to examine the following document from Philanthropy Ireland, which deals with the setting up of a charitable foundation:

You can also obtain further information on legal structures - and other information relevant to setting up a charity/organisation - from the following page of our own website:


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In addition to the above

In addition to the above information provided by Paul, I'd recommend that you ensure that you ensure that trustee liability cover is provided and perhaps a directors and officers type cover to provide financial liability insurance for the new foundation. This would be in addition to your usual type covers provided for the property owners/management of the nursing homes.


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