We are a group of Thai people who is representing Thai community in Ireland. We are searching for property in Dublin and surrounding areas for the purpose of using it as a Buddist/Cultural Centre for Thai/Irish buddhists. The property will serve as accommodation for a Bhuddist monk and used for gathering of believers to pray and practice meditation. Occasionally we might hold activities such as 'Thai dancing', 'Teaching Thai language to anyone interested, 'Thai boxing training' etc..

Could you give us some information please :

 1   What is hurdles and pitfalls we have to follow with regards to the Irish law of setting up a Religious Centre i.e. Building regulations, bylaw, Fire safety etc.

          Is there an agency that can advise us on how to progress with this venture ?

2   Is there any funding from Irish government towards setting up a religious body or ethnic cultural development ?


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Thanks for your

Thanks for your question.

Firstly, in regards to your question about property / health and safety related issues, I think the best thing would be to contact the appropriate authority for advising you on this. The Health & Safety Authority can be reached via the following methods:

Ph: 1890 289 389

I am not sure, but you may also be able to seek additional advice / guidance from both Threshold (The National Housing Charity), which may just have someone who knows about the building requirements for nonprofits, and the Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups (which is Ireland's largest centre for voluntary organisations, and so may be able to offer general advice).

In terms of funding, you are probably going to have more luck focusing on the cultural angle (a lot of funder will specifically not fund religious activities). I would recommend you take a look at the Community Foundation for Ireland Grassroots Grants (with the focus on ethnic minorities). Also, when you mention culture, I assume that will have some form of the arts involved, yes? Well, I would suggest you check out The Arts Council website, to see if you can find some funding that perhaps - in some way - matches up with your expected activities. 

If you require further information, please email me directly:

Kind regards,

Paul Meade
Information Officer, The Wheel

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Thanks Paul

Thanks Paul

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You will find all the

You will find all the information you need on planning permission, building regulations etc. here:

Best wishes,