The  training and workshop sessions organised by The wheel look so relevant to work in the voluntary sector. As i work in a small organisation staff cover and time off is always a difficulty. Does the wheel ever cater for such small voluntary organisations and community groups( that do not have a budget that will cover both training and staff cover to attend such training during the working week) and organise tarining sessions at weekends????



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Hi Mark,Thanks for your

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comment regarding The Wheel's training sessions.  We have, in the past, run some events in the evenings in an effort to facilitate organisations like your own.  However, we did not have a high up take.

The Wheel does offer consultancy training which often take place at the weekends and in the evening. Such training is arranged directly between the organisation and The Wheel and I am not sure if this would suit your organistion.

We value feedback such as this.  We are currently developing The Wheel training & events calendar for 2011 and certainly will consider training as you suggest.

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We have also found it

We have also found it difficult to get people to attend evening courses in the Carmichael Centre. However we are running a few evening courses this Autumn including "Chairing the Organisation" next week. See: