South & East Cork Area Development Ltd. (SECAD) is a member of the wheel for the past number of years and we have recently subscribed to Funding Point, however our organisation does not seem to be listed in your Directory. We do receive emails for general 'Wheel' information and we have been receiving emails regarding Funding Point so we are clearly on your system. Do we automatically become part of your directory by being a member or do I have to add our organisation to the directory on the website?


Laura Mason (


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Hi Laura,Thanks for your

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your question.

I've just had a look and I see that your organisation is already listed in our Directory of Community and Voluntary organisations.

Click here to view your existing organisation profile in our Directory.

Click here to see your organisation displayed in the Directory search results.

You are also already set up to edit / update your organisation profile. All you need to do is be logged in with your existing user account (through which you posted this question), then simply click on your organisation name (on your My Account page) - this will take you to your organisation profile. Then click the Edit button on the right of that page, apply your edits and hit Save. Hey presto!

However, perhaps I have read your question wrongly and perhaps you are in fact alerting us to a funding opportunity that your organisation provides (and which you would like listed in the Fundingpoint database)? If that is the case, can you please email me a relevant link to the pertinent information? My email is We are always happy and receptive to information which we have not yet managed to locate!

(I will also take a look at your website now, to see if this is indeed the case).

Kind regards,