Should staff in our organisation be encouraged to attend the AGM or are they not meant to attend? If they attend should they have voting rights in relation to nominating officers?



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An organisation's governing

An organisation's governing document, be it a constitution or memorandum and articles of association, will describe who has the power to elect the Board. It is always the members if it is a company limited by guarantee. If the staff are included as those who are understood to be members, then they should be invited to the AGM and they have voting rights. If they are not members of the company then they are free to go, but they cannot vote.
This issue should come up for decision at least 21 days before the AGM as an organisation is required by law to send the AGM notice and all associated papers out to all members 21 days in advance.
This topic is dealt with very well in Solid Foundations , as well as " Getting to Grips ".