Sea Shepherd Ireland are looking for occational space, at no cost,  to have training session with OHP facilites and with good broad band connections.

contact us on facebook: Sea Shepherd Ireland


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 Hi there, somebody asked


Hi there, somebody asked almost the exact same question yesterday and this was my response (it's admittedly Dublin-centric, but I'm not sure where you are based...?):

Irish Social Finance Centre (ISFC)

c/o Clann Credo

10 Grattan Crescent

Inchicore, D8.

Ph: 01 400 2100


The Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups

Carmichael House,

North Brunswick Street, D7.

Ph: 01 873 5702

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Saw your answer, and I know

Saw your answer, and I know and have used both places who charge for the service, we are looking for free space.

We are an international organisation and in Ireland have volunteers across the country and as such we carry out training in all parts of the country.