Scratchcards and Lottery tickets- Hi, i am looking for an organisation which offers the opportunity to sell scratchcards and lottery tickets in the kerry area. I have experience in this in the Dublin area and would like to find out if there are charities locally which provide such a service.  Thank you.


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Hi,We shared your question on


We shared your question on Facebook and Michael Carty suggested  Rehab Lotteries Tel: 012100510

Hope that helps!

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Thank you- rehab lotteries

Thank you- rehab lotteries only do shops as i am looking for the onstreet work or door to door....anyone have any contacts in this area i would be very greatful...thank you. 

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Hey I work for a charity and

Hey I work for a charity and supervising a team of people raising money through the sale of raffle tickets and scratch cards. It is the charities primary source of funding and we are always looking for staff. You get paid a % and can work whenever and wherever you want. If you are interested please contact me

089 483 4660