Hi there,


I'm putting together a handbook for volunteers and I wondered if there are any resources / sample documents available out there.


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I am sure that you could get

I am sure that you could get that information from or at

They should both have that kind of information for you :)


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 Hi there Deirdre and NMcC we

 Hi there

Deirdre and NMcC we have a handbook for volunteer, its called our step by step guide, It might be useful or act as a template. I can't see an "attach file' function so here's my email address, if you drop me a line I will forward it on to you  -

Kind regards


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Not quite what you're looking

Not quite what you're looking for but it may be useful to others reading this topic.

Comhlamh's Volunteering Options offers an excellent resource to those considering volunteering overseas.

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Hi NMcC I have recently


I have recently completed a handbook for our volunteers and would be happy to share this with you if you think it would be of any use.  I can't see your details in your profile, so let me know your email if you are interested.


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 Hi - I have just done an

 Hi - I have just done an extensive research project about volunteering and came across writings of a lady called Katherine Gaskin from the UK who produced a book about what volunteers want themselves - it might be a good reference tool for you - here is the citation from my thesis:


Gaskin K., (2003) A Choice Blend: What volunteers Want From Organisations

ideograph-numeric"> EN-IE">and Management  Calibri;mso-ansi-language:EN-IE">London: Institute of Volunteering Research Available  at: 


ideograph-numeric"> Calibri;mso-ansi-language:EN-IE"> Calibri;mso-ansi-language:EN-IE"> Calibri;mso-ansi-language:EN-IE">Accessed: 5/3/10