Does anyone know of some great uses of social media amongst not-for-profits?


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Well, increasing amounts of

Well, increasing amounts of charities are obviously harnessing the power of such social media forums as Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Myspace etc. And of course Youtube remains a powerful platform to enable charities to get their message out clearly and effectively to as many people as possible.

I also have seen how Twitter has been used a lot by charities to keep supporters up to speed on the latest news and issues. A good example would be Seamus McAleavey, CEO of NICVA, who is apparently quite the Twitter enthusiast:

You can read more useful and innovative examples of charities using social media in the following article:

And don't forget of course that you are using social media right now, by engaging with The Wheel's new Sector Connector - an online space for ongoing interaction for the Irish community and voluntary sector!

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 You should really check out

 You should really check out Beth Kanter's Blog, she has heaps of examples and knows more about this than anyone else (she has written a new book too). In Ireland Irish Autism Action are doing some good stuff too. I sometimes show examples on my blog

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You could also check out

You could also check out for a good space for nonprofits to talk amongst eachother about social media stuff. Deirdre

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 Hadnt heard of that

 Hadnt heard of that one...thanks Deirdre, just signing up

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 Have you seen the iHobo

 Have you seen the iHobo app?

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Wow... now THAT'S an

Wow... now THAT'S an interesting concept Conor. Thanks for posting it!