I'm a final year communication studies student in DCU. I am currently researching for my undergraduate thesis 'The use of social media for public relations by the Irish voluntary sector.' I was wondering if you would be able to assist me with a query?
 I am looking into how Non-profit organisations are using social media and why. In order to carry out my work I must define the categories of organisations within the voluntary sector and will be conducting my study on a number of Non-Profits within each category for comparative purposes. In my research I have come across a number of different category descriptions. I was wondering if you could assist me in identifying the different types of Non-Profits within the Irish voluntary sector. In some of the literature I have read I saw it categorised according to objective; Aid, Advocacy, Research. Would this classification be comprehensive enough?

Any direction you can give me would be much appreciated,

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Hi Laura, Nathalie McDermott

Hi Laura, Nathalie McDermott from On Road Media would be a great contact for you as she runs an organisation that runs training on Social Media for chartities and NGO's in Uk and Ireland. In fact, she has been the facilitator of our Social Media training session last year and this year also for our members. Please find attached bellow the link on the course that we organize in The Wheel having her as facilitator:
Her email address is , you could check outh their website:
When you contact her, let her know that we provided you with this information.
I also think that this link bellow would be a good reference for your thesis:
Hope the info above suffice your request but please do not hesitate to contact me if any further queries.
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Laura, In terms of


In terms of cactegorisation of voluntary organisations a good one to use (which is used internationally) is the one adopted by the Centre for Nonprofit Management in Trinity College, which has done numerous research reports on the nonprofit sector. The best one for your work would be the "Hidden Landscapes" and you can find it at:

The Wheel has used a version of this international classification in our own research reports over the years.

Best of luck with it.