Hi there, nice site!

I'm just wondering if you can help guide me on how I could go about getting a car as a prize for a fundraising raffle?

Any help would be appreciated.




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Thanks for your question

Thanks for your question John.

Although there are no firm guidelines on how to go about doing this, one may wish to reflect upon the following (American) article, which contains a common-sense approach to setting up and executing a car raffle, including teaming up with a local car dealer:

Needless to say, getting the local media to promote the event/story is one good way to entice a local dealer into getting involved. So, it is really a question of making contacts with relevant parties in your area. Obviously, in order to do this, you should have a clear fundraising and marketing strategy prepared first of all.

Also, you may think about identifying someone on your board or committee who might have these types of local business contacts (perhaps on a personal level).

Best of luck!