Q. Do you have an IT Policy for your organisation?

Hello all,

My name is Danny and I am currently the temporary IT Officer for Volunteer Ireland.  Before I finish up I would like to produce a definitive IT Policy document for my colleagues.  Does anyone have one of these I can use as a template?  I just want section headings because I don't want to just copy and paste it.




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Hi Danny, Have you talked to

Hi Danny,

Have you talked to Enclude in drumcondra as they provide technology solutions specific to nonprofits and I am sure they could help you with IT Policy stuff as well. Our IT officer is on holidays at the moment so I am sure he could have helped you with more detail but I would recommend calling enclude on 01 653 5099.

Takle care,


P.S. Enclude have not paid me any royalty to post this message but I really think they should. Hint, hint! 

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Hi Hugh, Thanks for your

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for your reply.  Yes I called them earlier and then sent on an email.  The quest continues...

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Danny, did you see the reply

Danny, did you see the reply I left below with the link to a sample IT Policy document? 

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Hi Danny,In addition to the

Hi Danny,

In addition to the advice given by Hugh above, you can download a very helpful sample IT Policy document here that should assist you in your task. It comes from the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), a sister body to The Wheel.

I hope that helps!


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Thanks Paul, This is exactly

Thanks Paul,

This is exactly what I wanted!



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Glad to hear it Danny!In

Glad to hear it Danny!

In regards to the server advice, our resident IT guru, Anthony Lindsay is going to be out for most of the next two weeks (hence our directing you towards Enclude). If you don't have any joy in the meantime however, feel free to get in touch with us in a couple of weeks - phone us on (01) 454 8727 - as I am quite sure that Anthony would have plenty of advice for you on that front.



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Thanks Paul.  It would

Thanks Paul.  It would certainly be useful to learn from what others are doing in the sector.