One of my member organisations is seeking help with running their committee - they would like advice on how best to structure and manage the committee and how to ensure continuity.

The group is based in County Wicklow.

Is there anyone that might be willing to help or does anyone know of any upcoming training opportunities?

Allin Gray,

Irish Association of Youth Orchestras


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 Hello Allin I would

 Hello Allin

I would recommend a colleague of mine who is an excellent trainer on all matters relating to committees and boards:

Good luck.

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Hi Allin We have done a lot

Hi Allin

We have done a lot of work with smaller charities and their initial set ups. The best method i would suggest is the preparation of a corporate governance manual. This ensures the committee think carefully about the organisation and how it should be structured.It also provides a vital document to ensure continuity and consistency. I would be happy to helpin any way




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Allin, There are a number of


There are a number of "paper/web-based" resources out there which might be able to help the group in question - although I see Sandra has recommended a person in her response above who we've worked with a lot in The Wheel and who would be great for something like this if you need a person to help you. 

The Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups has done a great set of advice sheets on staring up groups. There is one for setting up your committee too and the things to consider when you do that. You can download it it: It's a great practical getting-started type of sheet. 

The Wheel has published a good practice guide in governance, called "Getting to Grips with Governance". As a member of The Wheel you'll have received a free copy of this already. There's loads in there about good governance (which is another way of phrasing the issue about setting up a committee that best suits your organistion and addressing continuity and sustainability). Alternatively, it can be purchase on our website for €20. As the "Your and your organisation" section of this website was written with text taken from the good practice guides we have, you'll also find relevant information in the "governance" section of that which you can read to get you started, 

If you have specific questions after reading those things, feel free to post another question here on Sector Connector. 


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Thanks for your suggestions

Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I will provide them with a summary of available information and see where they want to take it from ther.


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Hi Allin, Just to add 

Hi Allin,

Just to add  to these replys that Meath Partnership are hosting a free seminar, on Not for Profit Company Governace next week which is being facilitated by the Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups. It might be a useful introduction to the area and we would be happy for a representative of your group to come along. It is on Wednesday 30th June, in Arboyne Hotel in Navan, 9.30am  to 1.00pm.

Contact us on 046 928 0790 if interested.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Robert, I have passed

Thanks Robert,

I have passed your details on to the committee chair. Although the dates don't suit her, she is seeing if someone else from the committee can attend.